Monday, August 18, 2014

August 11, 2014- FINAL POST

 Hello family and friends! Sorry it's been a long time since I have written a letter. We have been super busy lately on pdays having fun in Tokyo 😆. Life is great here in Kamagaya. This week was good! Well last week we went to a big firework show with our English class and it rocked. Then this week we went at 4am with some members to a giant swamp/lake and watch the lotus flowers open and had a picnic. It was sooo pretty. On the drive out to the Lake we passed so many green rice fields and just so much pretty green nature. I love Japan! While we were driving I was just soaking up the pretty views of Japan and was reminiscing on my mission and I totally cried. I keep crying at random moments of the day. It's weird that I've put all my life into japan here and it really ends. Somedays it feels real that it will end but usually it feels like a normal day. We also went to the temple this week and that was the best. Love the temple. I got to see all the sisters for the last time. I ate lunch with a lot of my old companions. WOW! It's so weird! I have so many mixed emotions about finishing my
mission! I have learned so much though. I am so so happy I came out on my mission. All the blazing hot or freezing cold days housing (tracting), all the bike wrecks, all the rejection, all the hard companions, all the rain, was all worth it. Having my testimony strengthened, all the people I was able to help in small and big ways, all the eternal friendships I have made, have made it all worth it. I will forever be grateful for this time I was able to serve in Tokyo Japan. I love my mission! I am so sad it is ending but I am excited to apply the things I've learned in my life when I get home. I am also excited to see everyone! I will see you in three weeks! I love you all! Thanks for your love and
support 😊
We got caught in a typhoon last night. So fun!!
Dripping wet!

I got sick.


August 5, 2014

No letter...just pictures!
Going to see fireworks with English class

At the fireworks
Awesome fireworks

I Love Temple Day

Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 7, 2014

We got transfer calls today! I'm staying here with the same companion. 6 more weeks! Last transfer! Crazy! Sorry I really hate sending family emails so I'm just gonna send some pictures and you can out them on my blog. Ha things are good here nothing huge happened this week but I'm excited to stay here one more transfer. This area Is just blossoming. Anywho, my companion is a photographer so she took some pictures. Here they are....
Okay, love you!

Candid photo of me planning..

June 30, 2014

No emails this week. It's alright. This week we had a baptism in our ward. Giovanni. He's from Italy and he's awesome. When he got confirmed his friend came who lives in Tokyo who is also from Italy and he's a member. Giovanni told his friend that I speak Italian so he walks right up to me and goes off in Italian and luckily I picked up "papa" and "Italia" and "mission" I said "Si si". He then asked where which somehow I just knew.... ? So I said Milano. Ha he looooved me! Church was fun with the Italians. He asked for dad's email and he will probably email him. Hope that's chill. He's such a spaz and kept getting wayyyy too close. Too funny. and I forgot his name... But I totally want to go to Italy so let's go for the temple dedication :) 
The Italians

This is Orlando Jordan. Day Shimai and I found him in Tsukuba.
He got baptized this week!

June 23, 2014

First off, we saw a huge Facebook miracle! I added our investigator T*** who is super interested but is having faith problems. She told us how she first met Mormons on a ferry on vacation and they were two Americans who had served missions. Soon after, she met the missionaries here in Kamagaya. So I add her on Facebook and we have one mutual friend. ....LUKE SALISBURY!!(Aya's cousin) He was the one Mormon she met!!! Crazy right?!  Also we have A**** who is planning on July 19 to get baptized! Pray for her! So yeah, Kamagaya is good! This transfer is more than half done and it's crazy...! But I love this area! I love you all!

P.S. I ate all that sushi in the picture. I almost died.... And those are bean Popsicles...


June 16, 2014

Hello everyone! Life is good here in Kamagaya! We have one kinjin (investigator). Her name is A****. She is getting baptized in July! She still needs her mom's permission so please pray for her! She has so much faith and wants to get baptized! We have some good potentials too. Last week it rained a TON! For real. Poured for days. Luckily the last couple days have been nice. But it's getting pretty hot. We also got Facebook last week! Crazy. I'm in the process still of cleaning up my Facebook before I can use it. The rules are super strict. But once I get it all ready I'm going to start posting and using Facebook to work! It's been pretty effective for the missionaries who already have it. There are only two international missions that have iPads or Facebook and it's Tokyo South and Tokyo mission. We are super lucky! Anywho, things are good! I love being here seeing God's hand in the work everyday!

Here are some photos from saying bye to people in Tsukuba...


June 9, 2014

Mom, can you get Donny to write a note to a lady in my ward? She legit got baptized because he is a Mormon. And she's still obsessed with him and is a strong member. She has photos all over her house of him. So funny. Anywho nothing really is happening. Love the new ward and my new comp is cool! It's rainy season and I've been soaked for days so I don't have pictures... But love you!

This is my Bishop...