Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Hey Mom, it was kinda a boring week so I don't want to write a family email so I'm just writing you. So today I'm going to Harajuku to go shopping. Today and tomorrow we're going to the temple for a sisters conference. So all the sisters in the mission have a big meeting from 11-6:30. I'm so excited. But this transfer is over in a week! How crazy! It flew by. I really want to stay with Bagley Shimai, but change is always good too, maybe.... This week I went on splits to Takasaki and we were looking for this lady who didn't show up to her appointment and she's always at the library. So we were at the library and I was like "okay.. let's find the Bible and stick a Book of Mormon next to it!!" So we asked where the Bible was and it took them like 5 minutes to look it up and find it cause they never have been asked that most likely, and then we left a Book of Mormon with a flier with the church info on it. haha So funny. I hope its not illegal. But here's a picture. Anyways. I went to get my winter stuff out of my suit case this week and I had none... oops. I sent it all home so I have some good tights and a few sweaters and ear muffs and a hat. That's all.... so i need to buy some today. We're going to go to H&M! But that's about all this week. I love you all so much! Have a good week!

October 14, 2014

Hello hello!

This last week was crazy. We had a lot going on. I'll start on Monday. It was pday and I dyed my hair more red... ha but before that we were grocery shopping and this girl came in the store and was just staring at us in awe so I said "hello" and she just started talking to us with no shame. She was so excited to talk to us in her little English. After one minute of talking she pulls out her phone and asks for OUR number. Awesome! We set up an appointment and taught her on Saturday. She wasn't into the lesson at all and it was kinda rough... but for some reason she still wants to meet with us. Miracle! We'll find her needs and get her interested. She's this cute Chinese girl named K. We also met this guy named T. We went to visit our friend R (the one who helped us when we lost our bikes) at his English school and T was walking out. He was excited to use his English and R told him all about the Mormons and that we want to teach him. T was way down for it. We have an appointment with him this week. We're excited! Okay skip to Thursday. We had two zone conference and it took the entire day to travel to Kiryu, have the meeting, and travel back. 6 am-8 pm we were gone. but it was so awesome! President Budge is awesome!! We also heard the missionaries testimonies who are going home and that's my favorite part. Kuwahara Shimai is going home the end of this transfer... so sad. Saturday and Sunday we watched conference and we had lessons both days so things are moving along here in Kumagaya! It was busy week and we did a lot of sitting but we still saw miracles! On Tuesday though, Bagley Shimai did hit into a pole straight on. You know when people fake you out like they hit into a pole? It looked just like that but it was real and it was hilarious! I was crying I was laughing so hard. She got a nice goose egg. Good stuff. Conference was so awesome! Everyone who didn't watch it needs to! Such a good weekend of conference. We got to watch it in our apartment on our laptop. #spoiled  It was awesome. Well, we're having fun and things are moving here! Love you all so much! Have a good week!

愛してるよ!今週は本当に楽しかった!いつもあなたたちの祈りをかんじることができます!ありがとうございます!Love you!
Sister Davis

The whole group of us at Skytree.

More Skytree

Me and Bagley Shimai

October 7, 2013

Hello hello! This week was just another week in Kumagaya. We had a few lessons planned and all of them fell through. Kinda a bummer but we kept working through it! We found a few new investigators so thats good. The Baptism was awesome! T was so cute! I was sitting by her in the meeting before she was baptized and she started crying and was saying she was so nervous but I told her it was just the sprit so strong that her heart was beating. But after she was baptized she gave the sweetest testimony and she was like "all my sins are gone!!" LIke she was in awe. So cute. I'm sad I didn't get to teach her the last two months but I'm happy I got to go back for her Baptism. This week we just did a lot of housing. We ding on the door bell or the "ping-pong" and we talk to people through intercoms. They mostly say "kekko desu" which means "thanks, but no thanks". We're trying all kinds of ways to get people to listen to us like asking good questions or talking about America and stuff. It's fun but so far no one has let us in but we're gonna find someone soon! No one here believes in God or knows much about Christ so we're still trying to figure that out. When we ask people if they've ever thought about life after death or about God the majority of the time they say no. Weird right? They just are content but not so content with their lives just ending. But it's interesting to learn how to flow into how awesome our message is. We were actually able to teach these two 16 year old girls. We're still trying to find out if they're interested in church or just us. haha They are obsessed with gaijin(foreigners). We didn't get to watch conference yet. we will watch it next week at the church with all of our ward. They have to wait until they get the dvd with the Japanese translation. But I'm so looking forward to watching it! I cant believe its been one year since the announcement and I'm here in Japan actually serving a mission! Its crazy. I love it though. We see miracles everyday! So thank you all for your prayers, I love you all!  



Baptism! she was so cute!!

Us with our 16 year olds we taught. Those are giant Snowies. So good!

We bought awesome glasses and tried to dress all Japanese to match. We had too much fun that day.
But really, check out those glasses. haha

Shimai Bagley

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 30, 2013

First off I'd like to shout out to Alex who turns 17 today!!! Crazy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUD!

This week was good. The weather here is perfect! Chilly at night and warm/cool in the day. I absolutely love it. They say it won't get really cold until end of November. Holler!

Okay, starting from last Monday.. I dyed my hair red, except it looks pretty much exactly the same. ha I've always wanted to go dark red so maybe one day I'll do it for real. It was red for about a day and then it faded.

On Tuesday we parked our bikes in an illegal place and when we came back they were gone.... kinda scary but luckily we met a guy who speaks English and he helped us find out where they were. It's was like 20 bucks to get them back and we had to wait until Saturday but it was fun walking everywhere for a few days...kinda. ha.

I don't remember which day this was but we had a bad cockroach mishap... It was in our bathroom and it was literally the size of my thumb. I have never been more scared or screamed more in my life than when me and Bagley Shimai were trying to kill this thing. Well let's be real, she was trying to kill it and I was standing on a chair as far away as I could but where I could still see. Every time it moved I was on the opposite side of the apartment in .2 seconds. haha It was the worst experience of my life. Luckily some Elder left his shoes here and Bagley Shimai killed it. The whole 40 minute struggle was quite terrifying... Cockroaches are my new #1 fear. Yes, more than spiders.

On Friday we met with a new investigator who had been friends with the Elders here for 5 years. He would never accept a lesson from them but he really wanted to meet with us and we said only if he had a lesson. So we did. He was way into it and he said yes to our baptismal commitment! So he has a date for Nov 7. Pray he makes it by that day! He asked if he could do it on that day because its his birthday. So we're gonna meet with him every week and pray he gets a testimony by then. He's about 40 and his name is N.

We also have been going into the Bagel shop a lot and making best friends with them. Last week we went in and it was just A. She and her husband own the place. We were able to teach her part of lesson 1 and we gave her a Book of Mormon. The next time we went in, her husband was kinda weird to us which we're worried about... we're gonna go in soon again and see how they're doing. Hopefully they'll accept taking lessons from us cause they are the greatest!

On Saturday this week I'm going back to Urawa because my old investigator T is getting baptized!! Me and Kuwahara Shimai started lessons with her in July. She first felt the spirit when we were playing music with her in the Chapel. I'm so excited to go to her baptism. She's so so cute! I'll be sending pictures of that next week.

That's about all that happened this week. We are loving the work and having so so much fun! Its amazing how much fun we're having. I love the mission! I love you all! Hope you're all good and I will write again next week!

That is where we found the cockroach.
This picture does not do it justice. It was gross and huge.

This was shopping yesterday. You can find allll kinds of
sweet/ random stuff at every shop you go into.
I love it. ... I may or may not have bought those
glasses. and I'm definitely on the hunt for a good beret.

Everybody backs into parking spaces here. They're so good at it too.

September 23, 1013

This week was AWESOME! We (Amy & Bagley Shimai) got together on Thursday and we have been killing it ever since. We talked about our goals and plans for the transfer on Thursday and then on Friday we went out. We found five new investigators!!! We placed two Book of Mormons and we had SO much fun!! We were totally able to say everything we needed and I didn't even feel held back by the language. On Friday we walked by this little bagel shop a couple times and we always said "hi" to the workers inside cause they seemed cool and we wanted to be their friends. So later when we finished working we went to the bagel shop and they LOVED us! One of them pulled out his guitar and started playing "Hey Jude" cause we were talking about music so then all of us in this little tiny shop were singing "Hey Jude" and it was so fun! We're gonna go back there a lot so we can convert all of them, ha but the rest of the week was good! We had a few lessons and found some other new people. Just a lot of miracles! We can communicate with each other so its way good. We have been able to call people and text people and find investigators all in Japanese! We're doing it! Its amazing. I'm excited for this transfer. Our goal is to have a baptism this transfer so please pray for that! Fall is starting here and it's awesome!! The weather is cooling down and the leaves are falling :) Yesterday it was kinda dreary overcast and it made me miss Utah Fall! But it's still happening here so that's good. I'm happy we have all four seasons here and I'm also happy I'll get home just in time for Utah fall! I love you all and you're prayers have helped me so much! Thanks for the love! Have a good week!

Just another Jinja

Some sushi..... o_0


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013

Hello everyone.
I have some good news :) I got my transfer calls and I will be staying in my area with a new companion. Bagley Shimai! She was my best friend and roomie in the MTC. I am SO excited! We will have so much fun while we dendo. It'll be awesome! I'm so happy :) Other than that, this week was good. We had a new student at Eikaiwa (English class) and we were able to make an appointment with her! We will be teaching her next week and I hope that she wants to continue to take the lessons. She is 16 and really wants to know English. She's way cute. Pray she wants to keep taking the lessons! And that Bagley Shimai and I will be able to get by with our little Japanese... ha. But good things are about to happen in Kumagaya and I'm excited! Thanks for all your support and love and prayers! I love you all! Have a good week! 愛してるよ!また来週!ピース!
Love, Amy

This is at some shrine.

This is with the ward mission leader and his family.
They are awesome and we had some yuuuumy sushi!

September 9, 2013


What up my peeps around the world? I'm just chillin' at a computer in my apartment eating hi-chews, real hi-chews, and living the Japanese life. ha Last week was okay. We're still looking for investigators but we have a lesson this week so yay! This transfer is almost over. I had President Interviews this week and he wants to change up some things here in Kumagaya, so we will either be having four sisters here in this apartment or I will just be getting a new companion. He basically told me I'm getting a new companion so we'll see what happens. This week I lived through my first earth quake. ha I kinda flipped at first and then it kept going so flipped even more and after yelling "what should we do!" in English over and over a few times I looked at my companion, who was looking at me like a was crazy. After that I played it cool.. "yeah we have earthquakes all the time in Utah...." haha It was funny. It was a 4, so kinda big right? last week in English class this lady was talking about how she loves hot springs. Basically a hot spring is everyone naked in a big hot tub/bath all together... kinda like a spa. So she was talking about how she couldn't go to the local hot spring anymore because she saw her next door neighbor there and she was scarred for life.. hahaha. I'm not a good writer so I can't even do the story justice but it was hilarious hearing this 60 year old woman tell this story in English with her Japanese accent. Kinda a "had to be there" moment. Also, on the train today I saw a girl doing her make up when all of sudden she pulls out this little tool and starts pushing her eyelid in, like to make her eyes bigger and so she would have an eyelid crease! It was crazy. I was scared she was gonna pop her eye out. It's crazy what some of the girls here do to not look Asian. I personally think Asian girls are gorgeous, but of course everyone wants what they don't have right? Bummer! Anyways, thanks everyone for emails! I will send pictures another time. I love you all! Thanks for your love! The gospel is true! Love it!

Love, Sister Davis

Sorry I don't have time to send pictures or much this week but if you want a sneek-peek of my mission, watch these videos! So awesome! Some of the shots are in my last area ward building! It's a good way to see what's happening in Japan right now!

September 2, 2013

Hello everyone!
We have zone pday today so I'm on the computer early and just sending a little email because we don't really have time to email. Maybe later I'll send more. This week was good. We had the BBQ and it was way fun! The ward here is small so its easy to get close to everyone. The Oizumi ward came too. They are all Brazilian or from South America so the food was awesome and the company was loud and great :) haha I loved it. I also saw my first passed out drunk guy this week. He was in the train station. I never thought I'd see one but I did! ha All the missionaries in South America are always sending home pictures of passed out drunk guys. haha Now I'm in the club. well.. that's really about it, but I will try and get on later and send pictures. Love you all!!! Have a good week!

Eating my first raw fish sushi in Japan

Eating a delicious crepe

Me and my companion in our kimonos!

Pictures from the Barbeque

August 26, 2013

Another week down in Kumagaya... Its hot. and we haven't found a new investigator yet. This week will be the week. I can feel it. ah! we're gonna do it. Anyways, last week we went shopping for pday and I got some awesome new clothes and a kimono :) I'm stoked. It was so fun. We went with a member and she speaks fluent English and she is so funny. She kinda reminds me of Kim Snelson. So, since nothing is going on here I'll just tell you a little about Japan. So, everyone rides bikes. Seriously it's crazy. There are just too many people and not enough room for everyone to have cars. They ride bikes and the train. Outside of grocery shops they have big bike parking lots and no car parking lots sometimes. Sometimes you see a mom with a bike car seat on the front and back of her bike along with a baby strapped to her. My last companion said that her mom had a bike car seat on the front and back and a baby strapped to the front and back of her. haha Four kids on the bike with her. It's crazy but it's totally normal here. There's this weird trend right now where the grandmas are dying their hair purple. Seriously! I don't know how it started and why they love it, they just dye it purple. haha It's so funny. Whenever I say "hi" to people they're super surprised and its hilarious. I love it. When you eat somewhere you have to eat everything on your plate. We went to an all you can eat place and you have to eat everything you put on your plate. It's hard. ha You might already know this but you have to take off your shoes in the front little entry (the genkan) every time you go in someone's house. Everyone has these intercoms with cameras so we hardly see people when we go housing. We have to be super good to get them to come to the door. Sometimes we eat on the floor in peoples houses. um... that's about all I got right now. I think I'm getting used to everything because I used to have a long list of things that are different when I first got here. Now I cant think of anything else. ha But things are slowly moving along. Please keep praying for us to find investigators! Love you all! Miss you lots!

Love, Amy

August 19, 2013

Hello everyone!

Welp, this week was slow. We're doing a lot of finding because we have no investigators here.. its kinda tough, but we're working through it. We have a few potential investigators so we need to get things rolling with them. Also not being able to communicate with my comp has been a little stressful, but this week I decided just to have fun even though not having any one to work with is not so fun. ha So yeah things are getting better. I have good hope and faith about this week! I want to find a new investigator! So please pray that we can find one! Thanks. Okay, so in two weeks we will be having a ward summer BBQ and its totally Japanese traditional summer festival. Yesterday we had a meeting about it after church and the first counsilor in the bishopric said that he wanted everyone to wear yucattas (summer Kimonos) so then he looked at me and asked if I had one. I said no and so today for Pday we are going shopping with a ward member to get me one!! I am so excited! I wanted one so bad. So I get to wear that to the BBQ. It'll be awesome. I love my ward, so many people speak fluent English too. It's awesome. There's this one family I love so much! The mom is hilarious and she is fluent in English so I have someone to laugh with. ha We had dinner at their house this week and I loved it. But yeah, that's about all we did this week.... finding, eating at members, eikaiwa (English class), and church.... so pretty exciting. ha Pray we find investigators!! Okay love you all!

Until next week,

August 12, 2013

This week I left Urawa.. it was so sad saying bye to everyone. I love them so much! At my last Eikaiwa (English class) everyone brought treats and made a big goodbye card. I love Urawa so much. I'm convinced I'll get called back there someday. So... Kumagaya is.... great... ha. Me and my companion are completely white washing this place. There are zero investigators and only a few potential investigators. Plus my companion speaks zero English..ha. It has been a long 4 days. But I'm happy I was trained by Kuwahara Shimai. She is a really strong missionary so being here and having it be so slow has given me a lot of motivation so find people! I'm determined to flip this place around! Plus things are just so much better when you're teaching lessons rather than knocking on doors all day. Also, this place really is the hottest place in Japan. It's insane! Like it has gotta be hotter than Arizona. Plus the humidity. I burnt pretty good my first day here. I always wear sunscreen now. Yeah, the heat is crazy. The ward is good though! Its really small. Only 40ish people were at church yesterday. My last ward had 100 something people. It was pretty big but I thought it was normal. Apparently, it's huge for Japan. They usually have more like 50 people. So yeah, that's pretty much all we did this week. Oh, I did teach Eikaiwa in Kumagaya and it was hilarious. These two older men were being such creepers. ha One was trying to dance with me because it was his birthday. That was rough to get around, haha and another one kept telling me movie stars I looked like and then said I looked like "Maria" Mother Mary, haha so funny. Anyway... that's about it. not much to tell about Kumagaya than that.. Hopefully this week we'll get things moving! I miss and love you all! Have a good week!

Love, Amy

August 5, 2013

We got our transfer calls this morning.....

I'm leaving Urawa! I'm so sad...!! I thought for sure I would stay. But good news. I am getting another Japanese companion! That's kinda a miracle these days so I'm super happy! I'll get really good at Japanese! I'm excited. Also she doesn't speak English... I'm gonna need your prayers! But she is super sweet I've heard, so it should be good. I'm going to Kumagaya. It's apparently the hottest place in Japan. All of Japan. At least everyone keeps telling me that. I've spent all day packing and calling my friends and I'm going to try and meet everyone in the next two days before I leave. Its so sad! I love them all so much! But this week was awesome! We went to the Temple (I heard there is a new endowment movie..? is that true and how long will it take to translate into Japanese?) I went on splits twice and on Saturday was a huge Japanese festival. There were SO many people. About 100,000 in one area for fireworks and the festival. Tons of venders with random Japanese food, like straight fish on a stick. Maybe they plopped it on the grill for a minute and then they put it on a stick.... 0_0. But all the girls were in kimonos and it was so fun!! We watched the fireworks they were awesome. We went with our investigator M and saved our spot for fireworks at 6:30am that day. ha so fun! I loved it. Well I'm sad to leave but next transfer will be good. I'm excited. We are opening the area so I'm a little nervous for that. Lots of finding.. hopefully the Elders there have some girl investigators they can hand over. Pray for my Japanese so we can communicate!! (we as in me and my new companion.) Okay, I'm out. Thanks for reading! Love you all!! Praying for you all! I'll write next week! LOVE YOU!

 Peace out from J-town

A. Davis
From the festival

Kuwahara Shimai always calls me "day service" because when you say it like a Japanese person it
sounds kinda like Davis. So, this sign says "Day Service". We laughed for awhile when we saw it today.

During our mogi lesson (practice lesson) before our investigator got to the church.
Super random picture but whatever.

July 29, 2013

Today was temple pday! So every 6 weeks we go to the temple on Tuesdays and we don't get to email until we get home from the temple on Tuesdays which is Monday night for you or maybe Monday morning..? I don't know. But we went to the temple today and it was awesome! Sorry I didn't really have time to write much today but this week we had some cool miracles. On Saturday we went to this English speaking society (a bunch of old Japanese people who are obsessed with English) party and it was so fun! They invite foreigners to practice English and right when we walked in we were talking to this girl who read my badge and she goes "ah! I want to go to your church!!" she had been looking for a Christian church in Japan for a year. (she lived in New Zealand and went to church there) so she came with us and her mom the next day! I was so excited! She's 24 and I became best friends with her so fast at that party. Also, everyone at that party loved me! ha I felt like a celebrity because people were taking pictures with me and wanted to talk to me it was awesome. haha. Also young Japanese people are obsessed with white girls and American culture! It helps a lot. haha Okay love you! Out of time! sorry! hopefully next week I'll have more time!

Love you all!
It is Japanese festival season here! So awesome.

This was in Shibuya this morning after the temple.
Temple p-days are the best cause we see the whole mission!

Lunch! ピーザ食べ穂代

  Here are some pictures from last week.

This is H. She is the cutest sweetest girl.
Alex- I told her you were coming to Japan and then you guys can get married.
The N family. They took us to Costco. I love them so much!!
(there are two more girls in the back. ages 17,15,13)

Costco trip. They had quite a large section dedicated to fish... haha


July 22, 2013

Hello everyone! This week was good! I feel like im finally starting to understand the language! I mean mostly I don't.. But in lessons and when we talk about church topics I can pick up a lot! I still can't really speak but its coming. So right now the majority of our investigators have some pretty weird beliefs about God. My companion said its really rare that this many people all believe these things in Japan. Usually they don't really have religious background or its totally different, that God is a new concept to them. So its kinda weird.. ha yeah I dont even know.. But some are progressing! We have a few baptismal dates and hopefully our investigators will be ready. Pray for them! Our investigators names are Yumi, Kaka, Miyu, Takeda, Livia, Kuroda, Midori and then we have tons of potential investigators. Its fun doing missionary work! I live in Japan and I just make friends with people all day and teach the gospel which would make anyone happy. Its fun! Even though its super hard sometimes, its worth it. I feel like I finally know what I'm doing so its gotten a little easier. I don't have any really cool stories this week so that about sums it up... I'm going to Costco today so I guess that's pretty exciting. I really am super excited though. haha. Okay thats all. Love you all!!! Thanks for your prayers and support!! Have a good week! LOVE YOU!
Love, Amy/ デイベス姉妹
I'm so jealous of your New York trip! And that you got to go to Justin Timberlake's new restaurant! I love him. I found a place here that has really good Italian pizza. its not quite the same but its pretty good and one of my favorite things in Japan. The Italian food here is so Japanesey! Something fishy about it.. I'm also jealous you're going to California! Next summer we can house swap with them when I'm home :) Don't plan it without me! thanks for the update! love you!

Monday, July 15, 2013

June/July 2013

July 14, 2013
Everything is going here. ha There's not much cause we do the same things everyday. But we have some awesome people and hopefully have a baptism next week! Okay love you!!! Also, family, I prayed a LOT that you wouldn't move, so you can thank me. haha But really, don't move. Okay love youuu! So.yeah. I'll send some pictures.
We do sports day every Saturday and we find tons of people who
want to join and lots of investigators and other missionaries come. Its super fun!!

 Me and Bishop Uchida. His family is the BEST!
Greg (Olsen) signed that picture to the Urawa ward. We had to take a picture.
4th of July. We made burgers!!

July 7, 2013
Hello Mom! So... I don't have time to write you today... or tomorrow... so maybe I will on Wednesday.  To answer your questions... I definitely know how to slurp noodles better. Its not only about the slurping. You always have to use the chopsticks to scoop it while you slurp. I watched my companion very intently. That's a bummer about the hot weather but I bet our weather tops yours. Its like 95 degrees but SO HUMID! Really like nothing I've ever felt. Maybe hotter than that day in DC a few summers ago. Way more humid than that. You don't even have to go outside to be sticky. I am alwayyyys sticky and once you go outside you are instantly dripping sweat from every pore. It's really fun haha. Plus we ride bikes in it at mid day. I'm determined not to burn so I've been lathering up in sunscreen. I probably sweat it off quick though.
Okay, so you cannot move. Its my number one cause of anxiety... not coming home to our home. Really. I didn't write about it last week because I forgot so I was so worried all week you would just get up and move without knowing that I need our house. :) really. .... That's fun for Alex though. I almost don't approve because I'm a die hard Timpview fan but I guess if he really wants to go to Orem then I approve.
The Watanabes brought me a huge package last week!! So awesome! Tons of food and treats. tell Kiyoshi to thank them if he gets the chance. They are not in my mission anymore so I'll only see them if they come here. Which he did. He came to my church building and gave me the huge package. so nice. Anyways, I am out of time. Hopefully I will be able to email this week... We have training at the honbu (mission home) and I'm so excited to see my doki (people in my MTC district) half of them went to the south mission though... sad. Okay I have to go! Love you!!!


Love, your favorite daughter :)
July 1, 2013
Helllo everyonee! Sorry that I'm a day late. Don't worry I'm fine here! haha  I can only think of one good story this week. We had level checks at English Class this week and one of the students said that she came to the church for eikaiwa (English Lessons) to learn about the bible and was sad we don't do that. So! Obviously I was excited to tell her that we would teach her personal lessons about the bible in English. So we met with her yesterday and she is amazing! She was going off about all the bible stories she loves and how much she trusts God and how money and worldly things don't matter and how she can't do anything without God. It was awesome! So we taught her about the restoration and she was so excited about the Book of Mormon and about Prophets. She said she got baptized when she was little so she didn't want to get baptized again. (bummer) so yeah we're hopefully gonna work with her on that! I'm so excited about her! She's so cute! Her name is L*** and she is Chinese. She's almost fluent in Japanese and English though. So yeah the rest of the week was full of long bike rides, lessons where I had no clue what's going on, Japanese food, and church. haha Just your regular mission in Japan.


Thanks for the updates Mom! Will you say "HI" to grandma and grandpa Davis and grandma Biggs? Thanks. I miss you! Have a good 4th of July without me. I'm kinda upset I'm missing it. ha Send me good vibes. Okay I'm sorry that's all, have a good week!! Love you all!

June 23, 2013

Hello everyone! One transfer down! I'm staying here with the same companion. and its official, I'm in the Tokyo Mission(North)! The mission splits today so the Tokyo South mission is officially in business.  We had Temple pday and it was awesomeee!! I got to see all of my MTC district! I love them. This week we got in touch with two old investigators and they both commited to baptism! It was awesome! We have a few strange investigators though.. hah they have some weird beliefs but they're super open to the church and come all the time and stuff so thats good. We just need to set some things straight for them... hah This week we went to an Italian restuarant and it was 99% Japanese. haha All of the pizzas and pastas were like fishy and weird. sea weed, fish eggs, some pizza had Japanese noodles.. I dont even know. There was one Margarita pizza. That's the 1% Italian. haha I was so excited and then it totally let me down. We also went to Denny's this week and that was also a fail. TOTALLY different from our Denny's! Everything on the menu was just your avereage Japanese meals. They had one order of pancakes. and it came with carmel and no syrup. haha It was funny when I opened the menu expecting pancakes and hashbrowns and they only had things like ramen, katsudon, and fish. Yesterday we went to the hospital to visit an investigator who got surgery. Her name is L*** and she is from Nigeria so she speaks English but it turned out to be a 40 minutes bike ride. We had no idea. When we left, it started raining and 2 minutes into our ride home it was absolutely pouring! It was so fun! I was so soaked. I was just laughing and waving at people and they were all laughing it was funny. This morning we watched a broadcast that was from the Marriott Center. You all probably heard about it. All of the MTC got to go! Not fair. But I saw Blayke Piggot in the choir!! I was so excited to see her! hah But yeah thats pretty much the news this week. Language is coming slowly.. but Im understanding more which is good. I love you all!! Have a good week!

Tokyo Skytree Pday with our investigator M***. She's my best friend here. She's fluent in English.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Three pictures in June

Mmm...good food

More good food...

Three Letters in June

June 17, 2013
Hello! This week has been good! a few key points I want to share. This story is good and if you don't feel like reading this email, you probably should.. haha

Friday: We had a super awesome Zone meeting and we were on our way home and I'm just riding my bike all happy in my rain coat and skirt and helmet with my umbrella hanging from the handlebars of my bike. (I look just look totally stupid. haha) So I make a right turn onto our street when my umbrella swings in between the spokes of my tire..... You can probably guess what happens next.. haha so out of no where my bike comes to a pretty quick halt and i fly forward only to find myself laying on the road yelling "girl down! girl down!" so that my companion stops riding her bike ahead. haha I just laid there and laughed while these two girls who saw the whole thing came over and were all worried. I was like no its fine! I'm fine! haha I was so embarrassed. I'm fine though. I just got a few scratches on my legs. none that bled. It was pretty funny. so yeah. bike crash #1. no one ride with a long umbrella on their bikes!

Other story: on Tuesday we were riding the train and we talked to this girl named M***. I was so hot so I was fanning myself with a pamphlet and she wanted to see it. So then she opened up and started talking about God and she wanted to know all about our church. She told us that she knew God was going to give her something soon and that she thought this was it. So we made an appointment with her and on Friday we taught her a ton and answered her questions. When I say we I mean my companion and my two sentences.. hah But she came to church yesterday and She is coming back next week and we're meeting again this week as well! She loves it and I'm so excited for her! We have a few other awesome investigators that are definitely on their way to baptism!
My first transfer ends in a week! I'm kinda scared. There are a few 2nd transfer girls who were training this transfer. Scary. A*** is training an American! How scary! They both don't know Japanese. Except A*** is probably awesome so it doesn't matter. haha Okay that's all.. LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for your love and support!!!

Love, Sister Davis 

June 10, 2013

Hello!! This week was so good! at the first of the week we went to IKEA! I loved it. I layed on a bed for a good 5 minutes pretending my futon was as comfy. We went with our investigator. on the way home she decided she would finally decide a date for her baptism. She has been taught every lesson and every commandment and comes to church everyweek. along with every other church activity. I may or may not have fallen asleep on the car ride because I dont understand anything yet so Im not 100% percent sure what was holding her back from baptism. but i was awake for the rest! haha I also went on splits this week to Kiryu. I went with Sister L*** (my MTC comp) and her companion Sister W*** (Shields cousin). It was super awesome. It was good to be with two Americans. hah but it was cool because I could really tell how much I've learned when I went there. The work is a lot slower out there because its country side. I just wanted to go go go! But we did area book dendo which is looking up old investigators and the first one i picked we called and got an appointment with him! Well I got an appointment for the other sisters... ha But it was cool. As missionaries we really do have power from God even when we dont realize it. Friday we had a zone conference. Elder Ringwood came. Hes in the 70 and over some of the asia missions (IM IN ASIA?!) He was amazing! It was so good. I got to see some of my MTC Doki too! I loved it! He helped set a good picture of the missionary I want to be so that was good. After that we went to this BBQ and it was classic. It was this work BBQ and we went with two elders and just made friends with literally EVERYONE there. We handed out so many eikaiwa (English Class) flyers and taught some lessons. It was awesome. This lady asked us to come because we are american and BBQ's are american. haha it was all work people and us 4 missionaries. It was fun.  Today we went to Tokyo Skytree. (mom and dad we will go when you come) It was fun! Lots of shops and eating crepes (the best part) its fun. I love sight seeing on pday. lastly, we have these fliers for FHE with the E*** family on it. hahah what?! I flipped. Do they know? haha I thought it was so funny. I still laugh every time i see it. Its their christmas card picture that A*** took. classic. okay I have no time today so sorry but thats all! I love you all!!! Have a good week!

Love, デーベス姉妹
June 3, 2013
Im half way done with my first transfer! Crazy how fast it goes. This week was good! nothing too crazy happened. My birthday was awesome! All day I was like "okay birthdays suck out here but it's fine, I knew it would." Then we had english class that night and my companion called some church members and our investigators and they brought cake and food and we had a little birthday party. it was so nice!! I loved it. The member here are awesome! and I LOVE our investigators! I LIVE IN JAPAN! seriously its so weird. It just hits me sometimes. Sometimes I zone out when my comp is talking to people cause I have no idea whats going on and I just listen to the conversation and think, "how in the world do they know what each other are saying? that is straight jibberish" haha really its so weird. the longer i listen the weirder it sounds. Sometimes I think people are translating to english in their head and then I remember that that language is what they hear and know. ha I dont know my mind thinks too hard about it but it always makes me laugh. A member took me and my companion to this place called Sweets Paradise. It is a dessert buffet. Never. Again. actually i totally could again but i was so full after. haha we went out to eat a lot this week. People love to meet us by going out to lunch and dinner. Food Dendo we call it. Dendo means missionary work. Okay. Everyone LOVES anime. what? like its super normal here. We talk to some of the cutest most normal looking girls and then my comp asks about anime comics and they just go off talking about the ones they love and stuff. it always weirds me out. I dont get it. haha My comp is always telling me I have to read them when I get home. haha no thank you. its funny. Things are good though. Our area is setting some records in our mission the last few weeks! Its awesome! My zone and district are the best!! Its always nice to see American people too.. haha The Elders probably keep me sane. okay thats all. LOVE YOU ALL! have a good week! until next time,

Friday, May 31, 2013

Amy's Birthday

Happy 20th Birthday!
On Amy's birthday I (Amy's Mom) received an email with this picture attached.  The email said:

Spent the day with your beautiful daughter! Hope this finds you doing well.


Random stranger in Japan

It was definitely a "tender mercy" for me.

May 26, 2013

Hello! I'm on early because we're going to Kamurakura to go sight seeing for pday!

This week was awesome! sooo many miracles! My favorite one was this woman named Y***. Her mom is a member but she always denies any missionaries that try and teach her. We went over and just chatted and made friends with her. We started to teach the plan of salvation and she started talking about how its not fair that everyone cant go to the Celestial Kingdom. We kinda started panicking (she's really sensitive and has depression issues) So then I said, no one is perfect and that's why we need Jesus Christ to get there. She all of a sudden opened up which is supposedly really rare- said by other missionaries- and then she went off about how she just wants to be happy and that she hates being sick and that she only gets one hour of sleep every night. We talked about how the gospel will bring her real happiness. She kinda wasn't having it saying that God should've made her happy already if He wants her to be happy. I gave her challenge. I said if you read your Book of Mormon everyday and pray for help everyday, you will notice a slow change and will become more happy. Then she said she would and we left shortly after. The next morning she called and said she got 2 1/2 hours of sleep. She was happy with that. YES! I was so excited! We meet with her again this week so hopefully it goes well. In other news here are some side notes,

Everyone always asks me, "Isn't Davis a boy name?" everyday! ha they don't get it. But it gives me laugh and then I tell them its my last name. So many people speak a tinsy bit of English and they're always trying to talk to me. Its kinda rough sometimes because I cannot understand half of them.. ha Everyone always tells me I look like someone famous and majority of the time they say Anne Hathaway. Haven't gotten that one in a while. But someone also said Denise Richards. Not sure who that is. But tons of people tell me everyday that I look like an actress. probably because I'm the only white person they've ever seen. ha really though some younger people have never seen a white person until they meet me. kinda weird. Oh also there is this little family that i LOVE! Its a mom- T***, her daughter- C*** who is 8, and son- T*** who is 4. Her husband and older son never come to appointments. But I love them! T*** reminds me of C*** (Amy's nephew) so much! So cute. But they love us! ha they call us like everyday and love to play with us. T*** is super funny and it's the worst cause I can't understand her... ha but I think we have a funny relationship because of it. She's always saying Davischaaan! in her accent. ha chan is what you call kids so its funny. but yeah.. all the other investigators are AWESOME! And I already invited like 80 people to come and stay with us in America so you cant move yet.. :) thanks!  

Okay answers to your questions:
ESL? English Class? only Wednesday. We only do house tracting like once or twice a week. Usually we just street contact. We teach a lot of lessons though so some days we don't even tract at all. My companion makes Japanese food a lot. But I only eat it sometimes cause when I threw up, I threw up Japanese food and now its like... ehhh. But only the type I ate that day. Some of it I love! But usually I just make my own food. speaking of food, will you send me some recipes? like no bake cookies and chocolate chip cookies? thank you! We ride the train half of the time and bikes half of the time. Its nice. Yesterday we did a lot of walking and my feet killed. I'm glad we have other means of transportation. ha I'm still not so used to riding my bike in a skirt. it gets caught in the wheel sometimes. Its super frustrating because then I have a big black mark on my skirt.. okay that's all!  

Have a good week! Miss you all! LOVE YOU!


Monday, May 20, 2013

May 19, 2013:

Helllllo! I made it through my first week of Transfer one! fewf.. This week was awesome but super long. I'll start with Wednesday. We went to meet with a lady named Homma but it was kinda far so we got on the train and while we were on the train we met this girl, Kurumi, and we taught her all of lesson one! It was super awesome. Then we met up with Homma. She was this cute old lady who we found in the area book. We sat down at this cafe and she pulls out the Buddhist bible and starts trying to convert us. haha It was so awkward and so funny. We talked for like an hour and she wouldn't hear what we had to say about our church so we had to leave it at that. She was seriously BEGGING me to join because I was American. Its funny here because I am one of the only white people in this area so everyone stares me. At least I hope its because I'm white and not because I have to wear a helmet. haha Okay so that was funny and then the rest of the day was awesome. We got like 5 phone numbers and made an appointment. AWESOME! Later that night we taught eikaiwa (English class) it's every Wednesday. So I'm teaching the advanced class and that day I had eaten a LOT of treats... ha also I was getting a really bad I'm teaching and half way through I just said "okay talk to each other in English I'll be right back" and I went and threw up. haha It was kinda funny and I got to go to bed at 830 which was great. But the rest of the week has been good! The language barrier is probably the worst because I just want to share everything with these people and I can only say the simplest of lines. Luckily, my companion can translate pretty well for me so I know what's going on. Okay, on Saturday we were fishing with an investigator just on the edge of a little lake and all of a sudden I start swaying and I thought I was imagining it but then I look over and everything is swaying. I like shouted to my companion "is this an earthquake?!?!" I was so excited. It was my first earthquake ever! It was small and so awesome.  I loved it. Okay I think that's about it. I love teaching and talking to randoms on the street. Oh, its awesome because I'm the only foreigner so I can pretty much do what ever I want. Going up and talking to people in Tokyo is not very common so being the only foreigner makes it easier. I just start talking in English and they get excited to try and speak it back. Its fun ha okay. That is it. I LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for the support! Keep up the good work at home! Aishite imasu!!!!
Love Amy

PS my birthday is in a week and a half and that's how long it takes a letter to get here sooo.... Just if you feel like you want me to have a good 20th, go ahead and send a letter this way. 

May 14, 2013: This letter was pretty short because we had already Skyped that morning (Monday night our time) It was a late Mother's Day call but so great.  She gave us a Skype-tour of her cute little apartment (she has a washing machine and a laptop-spoiled!) and we "met" her darling companion.

Hello hello hello! or should I say Konichiwa? Everything is fantastic! I spent the first few days here on splits with some sisters in Shibuya! The heart of Tokyo. Sooo fun! I loved it there! Now I am with my companion Kuwahara Shimai in Urawa! Which I also love! She is Japanese but pretty fluent in English so she helps me a lot. I really love her! Not too much is going on cause things have been crazy from getting to Japan earlier than we were supposed to. I don't know why they sent us early.. But I love it here!! So I'm happy about that. haha I haven't had any crazy food or anything yet. We had P-day and it was super busy and I bought a bike! That was stressful since I don't know anything about bikes.. ha. But after p-day we went and taught two lessons. It made me in such a better mood than I was in! It was awesome. It surprised me how instantly I was happy after starting to talk to Yurina. I don't have like any time though so I will write next week! LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for the emails and sorry I don't have time to separately answer each! 愛しています!! 

May 8, 2013 Amy got to call from the San Fran Airport during her layover. She arrived in Tokyo late on Thursday, May 9, 2013!!

With President and Sister Budge and her companion Sister K

May 4, 2013:

Today is my last P-day here!! WOOO! 4 days and I cant WAIT! 日本に行きます!!!! I cant wait! It'll be so fun and Dad is so right. Going somewhere awesome really adds to the adventure. Japan here we come!! Yesterday we had "In-field orientation" It was all day but it was good. I actually really enjoyed it. Dad, can we pleeeease go to Italy for a few months after I get home? Every time I hear of someone going to Italy my heart breaks. I want to go sooo bad. Lets see... The language is kinda  coming. I feel like I've learned a lot but at this point I just need to start talking more and listening more. aka send me to Japan!! I just can't stop thinking about wanting to get there already!! Luckily I have Sunday tomorrow which is usually a chill day that always flies. Then we have classes and everything on Monday but Tuesday we have half the day to pack. I'm really nervous about my bags being too heavy. I don't know what I would send home! I'm super over the MTC food that's for sure. I cant wait to eat Japanese food. Oh, yesterday we had to go to the doctor for my companion and it was at JAMESTOWN! We drove right passed the opening for our neighborhood. I was dying. I'm ready to leave here and just get going on the I don't know what else.. things are super awesome. I loved my MTC experience and I'm happy I made it through. I have grown soooo much. So thank you all for your support. I LOVE YOU! 愛しています!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Everything here at the MTC is going well! This last week was really good! We have this investigator- who is really our teacher, T*** Sensei. Well we went in to teach him on Friday and he was so happy! (he's always happy, ask M***) But he was extra happy and he just made me SO happy! And that's when I realized I am SO excited to get to Japan!! I want to bring them that happiness!! I cant wait! I have no idea when I'm leaving to Japan. My branch president says that 5 of us are leaving early in our district. But we keep hearing all kinds of stuff so who knows. Last Tuesday night Elder Scott came and spoke to us. It was amaaaazing! I loved it. We have devotionals every Tuesday and Sunday. I know exactly why they do it. Every single devotional feels like its just for me. Its always a reminder that what I'm doing is right and I'm totally getting stronger before I get out to the field. I feel like I've learned so much here and I'm so happy I'm here. My testimony is so much stronger!! I love it. Thanks for your support every one! Love you!! Thanks Mary Ann for the peanut butter bars! Also thanks to Lynette's and LeAnn's families for the letters! Keep 'em coming! I need it!
Mom, I liked what you said to the Pres. Hopefully he doesn't think I'm too talented..;) haha  Okay, for the airport- because that is sneaking up on me- you can get a cheap pay as you go phone and then I can talk to you longer or something..? I don't know you should look into that. Ann did that for Ellie so you should ask her about it. Okay I love you! Thanks for the letters!

Love, Your favorite missionary!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Excerpts from Amy's letter I'm doing good. Yesterday we had a little meeting about Japan and it got me really excited. One of the other sisters here told me that I remind them of Minnie Mouse.... whaa? Do you see that? Oh also a ton of people have sent me stuff so just a quick shout out to Dianne and family, Kim S, Grandma, the C***, and you and some friends. So tell them thank youu! Oh also, my companions and I just got called as the sister training leaders over the zone! Pretty cool.

"For the record that tree smells like CREAM SODA! Seriously. So good." Amy D.

Biker buddies...

Practice, practice, practice!!

Apparently this is the most awesome district!!

Hanging in our church "besties"

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pictures from the MTC

Amy and companions, Sister B and Sister L
In the MTC with high school buddy, Ellie
The "Shimai" in her district

Temple day with the "district"
Loving the rain
Amy & Ellie
It's all good!!

P-day Activities-Laundry

Letter writing

Letter sending

The girls of Timpview a the MTC