Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Everything here at the MTC is going well! This last week was really good! We have this investigator- who is really our teacher, T*** Sensei. Well we went in to teach him on Friday and he was so happy! (he's always happy, ask M***) But he was extra happy and he just made me SO happy! And that's when I realized I am SO excited to get to Japan!! I want to bring them that happiness!! I cant wait! I have no idea when I'm leaving to Japan. My branch president says that 5 of us are leaving early in our district. But we keep hearing all kinds of stuff so who knows. Last Tuesday night Elder Scott came and spoke to us. It was amaaaazing! I loved it. We have devotionals every Tuesday and Sunday. I know exactly why they do it. Every single devotional feels like its just for me. Its always a reminder that what I'm doing is right and I'm totally getting stronger before I get out to the field. I feel like I've learned so much here and I'm so happy I'm here. My testimony is so much stronger!! I love it. Thanks for your support every one! Love you!! Thanks Mary Ann for the peanut butter bars! Also thanks to Lynette's and LeAnn's families for the letters! Keep 'em coming! I need it!
Mom, I liked what you said to the Pres. Hopefully he doesn't think I'm too talented..;) haha  Okay, for the airport- because that is sneaking up on me- you can get a cheap pay as you go phone and then I can talk to you longer or something..? I don't know you should look into that. Ann did that for Ellie so you should ask her about it. Okay I love you! Thanks for the letters!

Love, Your favorite missionary!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Excerpts from Amy's letter I'm doing good. Yesterday we had a little meeting about Japan and it got me really excited. One of the other sisters here told me that I remind them of Minnie Mouse.... whaa? Do you see that? Oh also a ton of people have sent me stuff so just a quick shout out to Dianne and family, Kim S, Grandma, the C***, and you and some friends. So tell them thank youu! Oh also, my companions and I just got called as the sister training leaders over the zone! Pretty cool.

"For the record that tree smells like CREAM SODA! Seriously. So good." Amy D.

Biker buddies...

Practice, practice, practice!!

Apparently this is the most awesome district!!

Hanging in our church "besties"

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pictures from the MTC

Amy and companions, Sister B and Sister L
In the MTC with high school buddy, Ellie
The "Shimai" in her district

Temple day with the "district"
Loving the rain
Amy & Ellie
It's all good!!

P-day Activities-Laundry

Letter writing

Letter sending

The girls of Timpview a the MTC