Friday, May 31, 2013

Amy's Birthday

Happy 20th Birthday!
On Amy's birthday I (Amy's Mom) received an email with this picture attached.  The email said:

Spent the day with your beautiful daughter! Hope this finds you doing well.


Random stranger in Japan

It was definitely a "tender mercy" for me.

May 26, 2013

Hello! I'm on early because we're going to Kamurakura to go sight seeing for pday!

This week was awesome! sooo many miracles! My favorite one was this woman named Y***. Her mom is a member but she always denies any missionaries that try and teach her. We went over and just chatted and made friends with her. We started to teach the plan of salvation and she started talking about how its not fair that everyone cant go to the Celestial Kingdom. We kinda started panicking (she's really sensitive and has depression issues) So then I said, no one is perfect and that's why we need Jesus Christ to get there. She all of a sudden opened up which is supposedly really rare- said by other missionaries- and then she went off about how she just wants to be happy and that she hates being sick and that she only gets one hour of sleep every night. We talked about how the gospel will bring her real happiness. She kinda wasn't having it saying that God should've made her happy already if He wants her to be happy. I gave her challenge. I said if you read your Book of Mormon everyday and pray for help everyday, you will notice a slow change and will become more happy. Then she said she would and we left shortly after. The next morning she called and said she got 2 1/2 hours of sleep. She was happy with that. YES! I was so excited! We meet with her again this week so hopefully it goes well. In other news here are some side notes,

Everyone always asks me, "Isn't Davis a boy name?" everyday! ha they don't get it. But it gives me laugh and then I tell them its my last name. So many people speak a tinsy bit of English and they're always trying to talk to me. Its kinda rough sometimes because I cannot understand half of them.. ha Everyone always tells me I look like someone famous and majority of the time they say Anne Hathaway. Haven't gotten that one in a while. But someone also said Denise Richards. Not sure who that is. But tons of people tell me everyday that I look like an actress. probably because I'm the only white person they've ever seen. ha really though some younger people have never seen a white person until they meet me. kinda weird. Oh also there is this little family that i LOVE! Its a mom- T***, her daughter- C*** who is 8, and son- T*** who is 4. Her husband and older son never come to appointments. But I love them! T*** reminds me of C*** (Amy's nephew) so much! So cute. But they love us! ha they call us like everyday and love to play with us. T*** is super funny and it's the worst cause I can't understand her... ha but I think we have a funny relationship because of it. She's always saying Davischaaan! in her accent. ha chan is what you call kids so its funny. but yeah.. all the other investigators are AWESOME! And I already invited like 80 people to come and stay with us in America so you cant move yet.. :) thanks!  

Okay answers to your questions:
ESL? English Class? only Wednesday. We only do house tracting like once or twice a week. Usually we just street contact. We teach a lot of lessons though so some days we don't even tract at all. My companion makes Japanese food a lot. But I only eat it sometimes cause when I threw up, I threw up Japanese food and now its like... ehhh. But only the type I ate that day. Some of it I love! But usually I just make my own food. speaking of food, will you send me some recipes? like no bake cookies and chocolate chip cookies? thank you! We ride the train half of the time and bikes half of the time. Its nice. Yesterday we did a lot of walking and my feet killed. I'm glad we have other means of transportation. ha I'm still not so used to riding my bike in a skirt. it gets caught in the wheel sometimes. Its super frustrating because then I have a big black mark on my skirt.. okay that's all!  

Have a good week! Miss you all! LOVE YOU!


Monday, May 20, 2013

May 19, 2013:

Helllllo! I made it through my first week of Transfer one! fewf.. This week was awesome but super long. I'll start with Wednesday. We went to meet with a lady named Homma but it was kinda far so we got on the train and while we were on the train we met this girl, Kurumi, and we taught her all of lesson one! It was super awesome. Then we met up with Homma. She was this cute old lady who we found in the area book. We sat down at this cafe and she pulls out the Buddhist bible and starts trying to convert us. haha It was so awkward and so funny. We talked for like an hour and she wouldn't hear what we had to say about our church so we had to leave it at that. She was seriously BEGGING me to join because I was American. Its funny here because I am one of the only white people in this area so everyone stares me. At least I hope its because I'm white and not because I have to wear a helmet. haha Okay so that was funny and then the rest of the day was awesome. We got like 5 phone numbers and made an appointment. AWESOME! Later that night we taught eikaiwa (English class) it's every Wednesday. So I'm teaching the advanced class and that day I had eaten a LOT of treats... ha also I was getting a really bad I'm teaching and half way through I just said "okay talk to each other in English I'll be right back" and I went and threw up. haha It was kinda funny and I got to go to bed at 830 which was great. But the rest of the week has been good! The language barrier is probably the worst because I just want to share everything with these people and I can only say the simplest of lines. Luckily, my companion can translate pretty well for me so I know what's going on. Okay, on Saturday we were fishing with an investigator just on the edge of a little lake and all of a sudden I start swaying and I thought I was imagining it but then I look over and everything is swaying. I like shouted to my companion "is this an earthquake?!?!" I was so excited. It was my first earthquake ever! It was small and so awesome.  I loved it. Okay I think that's about it. I love teaching and talking to randoms on the street. Oh, its awesome because I'm the only foreigner so I can pretty much do what ever I want. Going up and talking to people in Tokyo is not very common so being the only foreigner makes it easier. I just start talking in English and they get excited to try and speak it back. Its fun ha okay. That is it. I LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for the support! Keep up the good work at home! Aishite imasu!!!!
Love Amy

PS my birthday is in a week and a half and that's how long it takes a letter to get here sooo.... Just if you feel like you want me to have a good 20th, go ahead and send a letter this way. 

May 14, 2013: This letter was pretty short because we had already Skyped that morning (Monday night our time) It was a late Mother's Day call but so great.  She gave us a Skype-tour of her cute little apartment (she has a washing machine and a laptop-spoiled!) and we "met" her darling companion.

Hello hello hello! or should I say Konichiwa? Everything is fantastic! I spent the first few days here on splits with some sisters in Shibuya! The heart of Tokyo. Sooo fun! I loved it there! Now I am with my companion Kuwahara Shimai in Urawa! Which I also love! She is Japanese but pretty fluent in English so she helps me a lot. I really love her! Not too much is going on cause things have been crazy from getting to Japan earlier than we were supposed to. I don't know why they sent us early.. But I love it here!! So I'm happy about that. haha I haven't had any crazy food or anything yet. We had P-day and it was super busy and I bought a bike! That was stressful since I don't know anything about bikes.. ha. But after p-day we went and taught two lessons. It made me in such a better mood than I was in! It was awesome. It surprised me how instantly I was happy after starting to talk to Yurina. I don't have like any time though so I will write next week! LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for the emails and sorry I don't have time to separately answer each! 愛しています!! 

May 8, 2013 Amy got to call from the San Fran Airport during her layover. She arrived in Tokyo late on Thursday, May 9, 2013!!

With President and Sister Budge and her companion Sister K

May 4, 2013:

Today is my last P-day here!! WOOO! 4 days and I cant WAIT! 日本に行きます!!!! I cant wait! It'll be so fun and Dad is so right. Going somewhere awesome really adds to the adventure. Japan here we come!! Yesterday we had "In-field orientation" It was all day but it was good. I actually really enjoyed it. Dad, can we pleeeease go to Italy for a few months after I get home? Every time I hear of someone going to Italy my heart breaks. I want to go sooo bad. Lets see... The language is kinda  coming. I feel like I've learned a lot but at this point I just need to start talking more and listening more. aka send me to Japan!! I just can't stop thinking about wanting to get there already!! Luckily I have Sunday tomorrow which is usually a chill day that always flies. Then we have classes and everything on Monday but Tuesday we have half the day to pack. I'm really nervous about my bags being too heavy. I don't know what I would send home! I'm super over the MTC food that's for sure. I cant wait to eat Japanese food. Oh, yesterday we had to go to the doctor for my companion and it was at JAMESTOWN! We drove right passed the opening for our neighborhood. I was dying. I'm ready to leave here and just get going on the I don't know what else.. things are super awesome. I loved my MTC experience and I'm happy I made it through. I have grown soooo much. So thank you all for your support. I LOVE YOU! 愛しています!!