Friday, June 21, 2013

Three pictures in June

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Three Letters in June

June 17, 2013
Hello! This week has been good! a few key points I want to share. This story is good and if you don't feel like reading this email, you probably should.. haha

Friday: We had a super awesome Zone meeting and we were on our way home and I'm just riding my bike all happy in my rain coat and skirt and helmet with my umbrella hanging from the handlebars of my bike. (I look just look totally stupid. haha) So I make a right turn onto our street when my umbrella swings in between the spokes of my tire..... You can probably guess what happens next.. haha so out of no where my bike comes to a pretty quick halt and i fly forward only to find myself laying on the road yelling "girl down! girl down!" so that my companion stops riding her bike ahead. haha I just laid there and laughed while these two girls who saw the whole thing came over and were all worried. I was like no its fine! I'm fine! haha I was so embarrassed. I'm fine though. I just got a few scratches on my legs. none that bled. It was pretty funny. so yeah. bike crash #1. no one ride with a long umbrella on their bikes!

Other story: on Tuesday we were riding the train and we talked to this girl named M***. I was so hot so I was fanning myself with a pamphlet and she wanted to see it. So then she opened up and started talking about God and she wanted to know all about our church. She told us that she knew God was going to give her something soon and that she thought this was it. So we made an appointment with her and on Friday we taught her a ton and answered her questions. When I say we I mean my companion and my two sentences.. hah But she came to church yesterday and She is coming back next week and we're meeting again this week as well! She loves it and I'm so excited for her! We have a few other awesome investigators that are definitely on their way to baptism!
My first transfer ends in a week! I'm kinda scared. There are a few 2nd transfer girls who were training this transfer. Scary. A*** is training an American! How scary! They both don't know Japanese. Except A*** is probably awesome so it doesn't matter. haha Okay that's all.. LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for your love and support!!!

Love, Sister Davis 

June 10, 2013

Hello!! This week was so good! at the first of the week we went to IKEA! I loved it. I layed on a bed for a good 5 minutes pretending my futon was as comfy. We went with our investigator. on the way home she decided she would finally decide a date for her baptism. She has been taught every lesson and every commandment and comes to church everyweek. along with every other church activity. I may or may not have fallen asleep on the car ride because I dont understand anything yet so Im not 100% percent sure what was holding her back from baptism. but i was awake for the rest! haha I also went on splits this week to Kiryu. I went with Sister L*** (my MTC comp) and her companion Sister W*** (Shields cousin). It was super awesome. It was good to be with two Americans. hah but it was cool because I could really tell how much I've learned when I went there. The work is a lot slower out there because its country side. I just wanted to go go go! But we did area book dendo which is looking up old investigators and the first one i picked we called and got an appointment with him! Well I got an appointment for the other sisters... ha But it was cool. As missionaries we really do have power from God even when we dont realize it. Friday we had a zone conference. Elder Ringwood came. Hes in the 70 and over some of the asia missions (IM IN ASIA?!) He was amazing! It was so good. I got to see some of my MTC Doki too! I loved it! He helped set a good picture of the missionary I want to be so that was good. After that we went to this BBQ and it was classic. It was this work BBQ and we went with two elders and just made friends with literally EVERYONE there. We handed out so many eikaiwa (English Class) flyers and taught some lessons. It was awesome. This lady asked us to come because we are american and BBQ's are american. haha it was all work people and us 4 missionaries. It was fun.  Today we went to Tokyo Skytree. (mom and dad we will go when you come) It was fun! Lots of shops and eating crepes (the best part) its fun. I love sight seeing on pday. lastly, we have these fliers for FHE with the E*** family on it. hahah what?! I flipped. Do they know? haha I thought it was so funny. I still laugh every time i see it. Its their christmas card picture that A*** took. classic. okay I have no time today so sorry but thats all! I love you all!!! Have a good week!

Love, デーベス姉妹
June 3, 2013
Im half way done with my first transfer! Crazy how fast it goes. This week was good! nothing too crazy happened. My birthday was awesome! All day I was like "okay birthdays suck out here but it's fine, I knew it would." Then we had english class that night and my companion called some church members and our investigators and they brought cake and food and we had a little birthday party. it was so nice!! I loved it. The member here are awesome! and I LOVE our investigators! I LIVE IN JAPAN! seriously its so weird. It just hits me sometimes. Sometimes I zone out when my comp is talking to people cause I have no idea whats going on and I just listen to the conversation and think, "how in the world do they know what each other are saying? that is straight jibberish" haha really its so weird. the longer i listen the weirder it sounds. Sometimes I think people are translating to english in their head and then I remember that that language is what they hear and know. ha I dont know my mind thinks too hard about it but it always makes me laugh. A member took me and my companion to this place called Sweets Paradise. It is a dessert buffet. Never. Again. actually i totally could again but i was so full after. haha we went out to eat a lot this week. People love to meet us by going out to lunch and dinner. Food Dendo we call it. Dendo means missionary work. Okay. Everyone LOVES anime. what? like its super normal here. We talk to some of the cutest most normal looking girls and then my comp asks about anime comics and they just go off talking about the ones they love and stuff. it always weirds me out. I dont get it. haha My comp is always telling me I have to read them when I get home. haha no thank you. its funny. Things are good though. Our area is setting some records in our mission the last few weeks! Its awesome! My zone and district are the best!! Its always nice to see American people too.. haha The Elders probably keep me sane. okay thats all. LOVE YOU ALL! have a good week! until next time,