Monday, July 15, 2013

June/July 2013

July 14, 2013
Everything is going here. ha There's not much cause we do the same things everyday. But we have some awesome people and hopefully have a baptism next week! Okay love you!!! Also, family, I prayed a LOT that you wouldn't move, so you can thank me. haha But really, don't move. Okay love youuu! So.yeah. I'll send some pictures.
We do sports day every Saturday and we find tons of people who
want to join and lots of investigators and other missionaries come. Its super fun!!

 Me and Bishop Uchida. His family is the BEST!
Greg (Olsen) signed that picture to the Urawa ward. We had to take a picture.
4th of July. We made burgers!!

July 7, 2013
Hello Mom! So... I don't have time to write you today... or tomorrow... so maybe I will on Wednesday.  To answer your questions... I definitely know how to slurp noodles better. Its not only about the slurping. You always have to use the chopsticks to scoop it while you slurp. I watched my companion very intently. That's a bummer about the hot weather but I bet our weather tops yours. Its like 95 degrees but SO HUMID! Really like nothing I've ever felt. Maybe hotter than that day in DC a few summers ago. Way more humid than that. You don't even have to go outside to be sticky. I am alwayyyys sticky and once you go outside you are instantly dripping sweat from every pore. It's really fun haha. Plus we ride bikes in it at mid day. I'm determined not to burn so I've been lathering up in sunscreen. I probably sweat it off quick though.
Okay, so you cannot move. Its my number one cause of anxiety... not coming home to our home. Really. I didn't write about it last week because I forgot so I was so worried all week you would just get up and move without knowing that I need our house. :) really. .... That's fun for Alex though. I almost don't approve because I'm a die hard Timpview fan but I guess if he really wants to go to Orem then I approve.
The Watanabes brought me a huge package last week!! So awesome! Tons of food and treats. tell Kiyoshi to thank them if he gets the chance. They are not in my mission anymore so I'll only see them if they come here. Which he did. He came to my church building and gave me the huge package. so nice. Anyways, I am out of time. Hopefully I will be able to email this week... We have training at the honbu (mission home) and I'm so excited to see my doki (people in my MTC district) half of them went to the south mission though... sad. Okay I have to go! Love you!!!


Love, your favorite daughter :)
July 1, 2013
Helllo everyonee! Sorry that I'm a day late. Don't worry I'm fine here! haha  I can only think of one good story this week. We had level checks at English Class this week and one of the students said that she came to the church for eikaiwa (English Lessons) to learn about the bible and was sad we don't do that. So! Obviously I was excited to tell her that we would teach her personal lessons about the bible in English. So we met with her yesterday and she is amazing! She was going off about all the bible stories she loves and how much she trusts God and how money and worldly things don't matter and how she can't do anything without God. It was awesome! So we taught her about the restoration and she was so excited about the Book of Mormon and about Prophets. She said she got baptized when she was little so she didn't want to get baptized again. (bummer) so yeah we're hopefully gonna work with her on that! I'm so excited about her! She's so cute! Her name is L*** and she is Chinese. She's almost fluent in Japanese and English though. So yeah the rest of the week was full of long bike rides, lessons where I had no clue what's going on, Japanese food, and church. haha Just your regular mission in Japan.


Thanks for the updates Mom! Will you say "HI" to grandma and grandpa Davis and grandma Biggs? Thanks. I miss you! Have a good 4th of July without me. I'm kinda upset I'm missing it. ha Send me good vibes. Okay I'm sorry that's all, have a good week!! Love you all!

June 23, 2013

Hello everyone! One transfer down! I'm staying here with the same companion. and its official, I'm in the Tokyo Mission(North)! The mission splits today so the Tokyo South mission is officially in business.  We had Temple pday and it was awesomeee!! I got to see all of my MTC district! I love them. This week we got in touch with two old investigators and they both commited to baptism! It was awesome! We have a few strange investigators though.. hah they have some weird beliefs but they're super open to the church and come all the time and stuff so thats good. We just need to set some things straight for them... hah This week we went to an Italian restuarant and it was 99% Japanese. haha All of the pizzas and pastas were like fishy and weird. sea weed, fish eggs, some pizza had Japanese noodles.. I dont even know. There was one Margarita pizza. That's the 1% Italian. haha I was so excited and then it totally let me down. We also went to Denny's this week and that was also a fail. TOTALLY different from our Denny's! Everything on the menu was just your avereage Japanese meals. They had one order of pancakes. and it came with carmel and no syrup. haha It was funny when I opened the menu expecting pancakes and hashbrowns and they only had things like ramen, katsudon, and fish. Yesterday we went to the hospital to visit an investigator who got surgery. Her name is L*** and she is from Nigeria so she speaks English but it turned out to be a 40 minutes bike ride. We had no idea. When we left, it started raining and 2 minutes into our ride home it was absolutely pouring! It was so fun! I was so soaked. I was just laughing and waving at people and they were all laughing it was funny. This morning we watched a broadcast that was from the Marriott Center. You all probably heard about it. All of the MTC got to go! Not fair. But I saw Blayke Piggot in the choir!! I was so excited to see her! hah But yeah thats pretty much the news this week. Language is coming slowly.. but Im understanding more which is good. I love you all!! Have a good week!

Tokyo Skytree Pday with our investigator M***. She's my best friend here. She's fluent in English.