Tuesday, September 17, 2013

August 12, 2013

This week I left Urawa.. it was so sad saying bye to everyone. I love them so much! At my last Eikaiwa (English class) everyone brought treats and made a big goodbye card. I love Urawa so much. I'm convinced I'll get called back there someday. So... Kumagaya is.... great... ha. Me and my companion are completely white washing this place. There are zero investigators and only a few potential investigators. Plus my companion speaks zero English..ha. It has been a long 4 days. But I'm happy I was trained by Kuwahara Shimai. She is a really strong missionary so being here and having it be so slow has given me a lot of motivation so find people! I'm determined to flip this place around! Plus things are just so much better when you're teaching lessons rather than knocking on doors all day. Also, this place really is the hottest place in Japan. It's insane! Like it has gotta be hotter than Arizona. Plus the humidity. I burnt pretty good my first day here. I always wear sunscreen now. Yeah, the heat is crazy. The ward is good though! Its really small. Only 40ish people were at church yesterday. My last ward had 100 something people. It was pretty big but I thought it was normal. Apparently, it's huge for Japan. They usually have more like 50 people. So yeah, that's pretty much all we did this week. Oh, I did teach Eikaiwa in Kumagaya and it was hilarious. These two older men were being such creepers. ha One was trying to dance with me because it was his birthday. That was rough to get around, haha and another one kept telling me movie stars I looked like and then said I looked like "Maria" Mother Mary, haha so funny. Anyway... that's about it. not much to tell about Kumagaya than that.. Hopefully this week we'll get things moving! I miss and love you all! Have a good week!

Love, Amy

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