Tuesday, September 17, 2013

August 19, 2013

Hello everyone!

Welp, this week was slow. We're doing a lot of finding because we have no investigators here.. its kinda tough, but we're working through it. We have a few potential investigators so we need to get things rolling with them. Also not being able to communicate with my comp has been a little stressful, but this week I decided just to have fun even though not having any one to work with is not so fun. ha So yeah things are getting better. I have good hope and faith about this week! I want to find a new investigator! So please pray that we can find one! Thanks. Okay, so in two weeks we will be having a ward summer BBQ and its totally Japanese traditional summer festival. Yesterday we had a meeting about it after church and the first counsilor in the bishopric said that he wanted everyone to wear yucattas (summer Kimonos) so then he looked at me and asked if I had one. I said no and so today for Pday we are going shopping with a ward member to get me one!! I am so excited! I wanted one so bad. So I get to wear that to the BBQ. It'll be awesome. I love my ward, so many people speak fluent English too. It's awesome. There's this one family I love so much! The mom is hilarious and she is fluent in English so I have someone to laugh with. ha We had dinner at their house this week and I loved it. But yeah, that's about all we did this week.... finding, eating at members, eikaiwa (English class), and church.... so pretty exciting. ha Pray we find investigators!! Okay love you all!

Until next week,

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