Tuesday, September 17, 2013

August 26, 2013

Another week down in Kumagaya... Its hot. and we haven't found a new investigator yet. This week will be the week. I can feel it. ah! we're gonna do it. Anyways, last week we went shopping for pday and I got some awesome new clothes and a kimono :) I'm stoked. It was so fun. We went with a member and she speaks fluent English and she is so funny. She kinda reminds me of Kim Snelson. So, since nothing is going on here I'll just tell you a little about Japan. So, everyone rides bikes. Seriously it's crazy. There are just too many people and not enough room for everyone to have cars. They ride bikes and the train. Outside of grocery shops they have big bike parking lots and no car parking lots sometimes. Sometimes you see a mom with a bike car seat on the front and back of her bike along with a baby strapped to her. My last companion said that her mom had a bike car seat on the front and back and a baby strapped to the front and back of her. haha Four kids on the bike with her. It's crazy but it's totally normal here. There's this weird trend right now where the grandmas are dying their hair purple. Seriously! I don't know how it started and why they love it, they just dye it purple. haha It's so funny. Whenever I say "hi" to people they're super surprised and its hilarious. I love it. When you eat somewhere you have to eat everything on your plate. We went to an all you can eat place and you have to eat everything you put on your plate. It's hard. ha You might already know this but you have to take off your shoes in the front little entry (the genkan) every time you go in someone's house. Everyone has these intercoms with cameras so we hardly see people when we go housing. We have to be super good to get them to come to the door. Sometimes we eat on the floor in peoples houses. um... that's about all I got right now. I think I'm getting used to everything because I used to have a long list of things that are different when I first got here. Now I cant think of anything else. ha But things are slowly moving along. Please keep praying for us to find investigators! Love you all! Miss you lots!

Love, Amy

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