Tuesday, September 17, 2013

August 5, 2013

We got our transfer calls this morning.....

I'm leaving Urawa! I'm so sad...!! I thought for sure I would stay. But good news. I am getting another Japanese companion! That's kinda a miracle these days so I'm super happy! I'll get really good at Japanese! I'm excited. Also she doesn't speak English... I'm gonna need your prayers! But she is super sweet I've heard, so it should be good. I'm going to Kumagaya. It's apparently the hottest place in Japan. All of Japan. At least everyone keeps telling me that. I've spent all day packing and calling my friends and I'm going to try and meet everyone in the next two days before I leave. Its so sad! I love them all so much! But this week was awesome! We went to the Temple (I heard there is a new endowment movie..? is that true and how long will it take to translate into Japanese?) I went on splits twice and on Saturday was a huge Japanese festival. There were SO many people. About 100,000 in one area for fireworks and the festival. Tons of venders with random Japanese food, like straight fish on a stick. Maybe they plopped it on the grill for a minute and then they put it on a stick.... 0_0. But all the girls were in kimonos and it was so fun!! We watched the fireworks they were awesome. We went with our investigator M and saved our spot for fireworks at 6:30am that day. ha so fun! I loved it. Well I'm sad to leave but next transfer will be good. I'm excited. We are opening the area so I'm a little nervous for that. Lots of finding.. hopefully the Elders there have some girl investigators they can hand over. Pray for my Japanese so we can communicate!! (we as in me and my new companion.) Okay, I'm out. Thanks for reading! Love you all!! Praying for you all! I'll write next week! LOVE YOU!

 Peace out from J-town

A. Davis
From the festival

Kuwahara Shimai always calls me "day service" because when you say it like a Japanese person it
sounds kinda like Davis. So, this sign says "Day Service". We laughed for awhile when we saw it today.

During our mogi lesson (practice lesson) before our investigator got to the church.
Super random picture but whatever.

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