Tuesday, September 17, 2013

July 29, 2013

Today was temple pday! So every 6 weeks we go to the temple on Tuesdays and we don't get to email until we get home from the temple on Tuesdays which is Monday night for you or maybe Monday morning..? I don't know. But we went to the temple today and it was awesome! Sorry I didn't really have time to write much today but this week we had some cool miracles. On Saturday we went to this English speaking society (a bunch of old Japanese people who are obsessed with English) party and it was so fun! They invite foreigners to practice English and right when we walked in we were talking to this girl who read my badge and she goes "ah! I want to go to your church!!" she had been looking for a Christian church in Japan for a year. (she lived in New Zealand and went to church there) so she came with us and her mom the next day! I was so excited! She's 24 and I became best friends with her so fast at that party. Also, everyone at that party loved me! ha I felt like a celebrity because people were taking pictures with me and wanted to talk to me it was awesome. haha. Also young Japanese people are obsessed with white girls and American culture! It helps a lot. haha Okay love you! Out of time! sorry! hopefully next week I'll have more time!

Love you all!
It is Japanese festival season here! So awesome.

This was in Shibuya this morning after the temple.
Temple p-days are the best cause we see the whole mission!

Lunch! ピーザ食べ穂代

  Here are some pictures from last week.

This is H. She is the cutest sweetest girl.
Alex- I told her you were coming to Japan and then you guys can get married.
The N family. They took us to Costco. I love them so much!!
(there are two more girls in the back. ages 17,15,13)

Costco trip. They had quite a large section dedicated to fish... haha


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