Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013

Hello everyone.
I have some good news :) I got my transfer calls and I will be staying in my area with a new companion. Bagley Shimai! She was my best friend and roomie in the MTC. I am SO excited! We will have so much fun while we dendo. It'll be awesome! I'm so happy :) Other than that, this week was good. We had a new student at Eikaiwa (English class) and we were able to make an appointment with her! We will be teaching her next week and I hope that she wants to continue to take the lessons. She is 16 and really wants to know English. She's way cute. Pray she wants to keep taking the lessons! And that Bagley Shimai and I will be able to get by with our little Japanese... ha. But good things are about to happen in Kumagaya and I'm excited! Thanks for all your support and love and prayers! I love you all! Have a good week! 愛してるよ!また来週!ピース!
Love, Amy

This is at some shrine.

This is with the ward mission leader and his family.
They are awesome and we had some yuuuumy sushi!

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