Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 9, 2013


What up my peeps around the world? I'm just chillin' at a computer in my apartment eating hi-chews, real hi-chews, and living the Japanese life. ha Last week was okay. We're still looking for investigators but we have a lesson this week so yay! This transfer is almost over. I had President Interviews this week and he wants to change up some things here in Kumagaya, so we will either be having four sisters here in this apartment or I will just be getting a new companion. He basically told me I'm getting a new companion so we'll see what happens. This week I lived through my first earth quake. ha I kinda flipped at first and then it kept going so flipped even more and after yelling "what should we do!" in English over and over a few times I looked at my companion, who was looking at me like a was crazy. After that I played it cool.. "yeah we have earthquakes all the time in Utah...." haha It was funny. It was a 4, so kinda big right? last week in English class this lady was talking about how she loves hot springs. Basically a hot spring is everyone naked in a big hot tub/bath all together... kinda like a spa. So she was talking about how she couldn't go to the local hot spring anymore because she saw her next door neighbor there and she was scarred for life.. hahaha. I'm not a good writer so I can't even do the story justice but it was hilarious hearing this 60 year old woman tell this story in English with her Japanese accent. Kinda a "had to be there" moment. Also, on the train today I saw a girl doing her make up when all of sudden she pulls out this little tool and starts pushing her eyelid in, like to make her eyes bigger and so she would have an eyelid crease! It was crazy. I was scared she was gonna pop her eye out. It's crazy what some of the girls here do to not look Asian. I personally think Asian girls are gorgeous, but of course everyone wants what they don't have right? Bummer! Anyways, thanks everyone for emails! I will send pictures another time. I love you all! Thanks for your love! The gospel is true! Love it!

Love, Sister Davis

Sorry I don't have time to send pictures or much this week but if you want a sneek-peek of my mission, watch these videos! So awesome! Some of the shots are in my last area ward building! It's a good way to see what's happening in Japan right now!

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