Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Hey Mom, it was kinda a boring week so I don't want to write a family email so I'm just writing you. So today I'm going to Harajuku to go shopping. Today and tomorrow we're going to the temple for a sisters conference. So all the sisters in the mission have a big meeting from 11-6:30. I'm so excited. But this transfer is over in a week! How crazy! It flew by. I really want to stay with Bagley Shimai, but change is always good too, maybe.... This week I went on splits to Takasaki and we were looking for this lady who didn't show up to her appointment and she's always at the library. So we were at the library and I was like "okay.. let's find the Bible and stick a Book of Mormon next to it!!" So we asked where the Bible was and it took them like 5 minutes to look it up and find it cause they never have been asked that most likely, and then we left a Book of Mormon with a flier with the church info on it. haha So funny. I hope its not illegal. But here's a picture. Anyways. I went to get my winter stuff out of my suit case this week and I had none... oops. I sent it all home so I have some good tights and a few sweaters and ear muffs and a hat. That's all.... so i need to buy some today. We're going to go to H&M! But that's about all this week. I love you all so much! Have a good week!

October 14, 2014

Hello hello!

This last week was crazy. We had a lot going on. I'll start on Monday. It was pday and I dyed my hair more red... ha but before that we were grocery shopping and this girl came in the store and was just staring at us in awe so I said "hello" and she just started talking to us with no shame. She was so excited to talk to us in her little English. After one minute of talking she pulls out her phone and asks for OUR number. Awesome! We set up an appointment and taught her on Saturday. She wasn't into the lesson at all and it was kinda rough... but for some reason she still wants to meet with us. Miracle! We'll find her needs and get her interested. She's this cute Chinese girl named K. We also met this guy named T. We went to visit our friend R (the one who helped us when we lost our bikes) at his English school and T was walking out. He was excited to use his English and R told him all about the Mormons and that we want to teach him. T was way down for it. We have an appointment with him this week. We're excited! Okay skip to Thursday. We had two zone conference and it took the entire day to travel to Kiryu, have the meeting, and travel back. 6 am-8 pm we were gone. but it was so awesome! President Budge is awesome!! We also heard the missionaries testimonies who are going home and that's my favorite part. Kuwahara Shimai is going home the end of this transfer... so sad. Saturday and Sunday we watched conference and we had lessons both days so things are moving along here in Kumagaya! It was busy week and we did a lot of sitting but we still saw miracles! On Tuesday though, Bagley Shimai did hit into a pole straight on. You know when people fake you out like they hit into a pole? It looked just like that but it was real and it was hilarious! I was crying I was laughing so hard. She got a nice goose egg. Good stuff. Conference was so awesome! Everyone who didn't watch it needs to! Such a good weekend of conference. We got to watch it in our apartment on our laptop. #spoiled  It was awesome. Well, we're having fun and things are moving here! Love you all so much! Have a good week!

愛してるよ!今週は本当に楽しかった!いつもあなたたちの祈りをかんじることができます!ありがとうございます!Love you!
Sister Davis

The whole group of us at Skytree.

More Skytree

Me and Bagley Shimai

October 7, 2013

Hello hello! This week was just another week in Kumagaya. We had a few lessons planned and all of them fell through. Kinda a bummer but we kept working through it! We found a few new investigators so thats good. The Baptism was awesome! T was so cute! I was sitting by her in the meeting before she was baptized and she started crying and was saying she was so nervous but I told her it was just the sprit so strong that her heart was beating. But after she was baptized she gave the sweetest testimony and she was like "all my sins are gone!!" LIke she was in awe. So cute. I'm sad I didn't get to teach her the last two months but I'm happy I got to go back for her Baptism. This week we just did a lot of housing. We ding on the door bell or the "ping-pong" and we talk to people through intercoms. They mostly say "kekko desu" which means "thanks, but no thanks". We're trying all kinds of ways to get people to listen to us like asking good questions or talking about America and stuff. It's fun but so far no one has let us in but we're gonna find someone soon! No one here believes in God or knows much about Christ so we're still trying to figure that out. When we ask people if they've ever thought about life after death or about God the majority of the time they say no. Weird right? They just are content but not so content with their lives just ending. But it's interesting to learn how to flow into how awesome our message is. We were actually able to teach these two 16 year old girls. We're still trying to find out if they're interested in church or just us. haha They are obsessed with gaijin(foreigners). We didn't get to watch conference yet. we will watch it next week at the church with all of our ward. They have to wait until they get the dvd with the Japanese translation. But I'm so looking forward to watching it! I cant believe its been one year since the announcement and I'm here in Japan actually serving a mission! Its crazy. I love it though. We see miracles everyday! So thank you all for your prayers, I love you all!  



Baptism! she was so cute!!

Us with our 16 year olds we taught. Those are giant Snowies. So good!

We bought awesome glasses and tried to dress all Japanese to match. We had too much fun that day.
But really, check out those glasses. haha

Shimai Bagley

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 30, 2013

First off I'd like to shout out to Alex who turns 17 today!!! Crazy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUD!

This week was good. The weather here is perfect! Chilly at night and warm/cool in the day. I absolutely love it. They say it won't get really cold until end of November. Holler!

Okay, starting from last Monday.. I dyed my hair red, except it looks pretty much exactly the same. ha I've always wanted to go dark red so maybe one day I'll do it for real. It was red for about a day and then it faded.

On Tuesday we parked our bikes in an illegal place and when we came back they were gone.... kinda scary but luckily we met a guy who speaks English and he helped us find out where they were. It's was like 20 bucks to get them back and we had to wait until Saturday but it was fun walking everywhere for a few days...kinda. ha.

I don't remember which day this was but we had a bad cockroach mishap... It was in our bathroom and it was literally the size of my thumb. I have never been more scared or screamed more in my life than when me and Bagley Shimai were trying to kill this thing. Well let's be real, she was trying to kill it and I was standing on a chair as far away as I could but where I could still see. Every time it moved I was on the opposite side of the apartment in .2 seconds. haha It was the worst experience of my life. Luckily some Elder left his shoes here and Bagley Shimai killed it. The whole 40 minute struggle was quite terrifying... Cockroaches are my new #1 fear. Yes, more than spiders.

On Friday we met with a new investigator who had been friends with the Elders here for 5 years. He would never accept a lesson from them but he really wanted to meet with us and we said only if he had a lesson. So we did. He was way into it and he said yes to our baptismal commitment! So he has a date for Nov 7. Pray he makes it by that day! He asked if he could do it on that day because its his birthday. So we're gonna meet with him every week and pray he gets a testimony by then. He's about 40 and his name is N.

We also have been going into the Bagel shop a lot and making best friends with them. Last week we went in and it was just A. She and her husband own the place. We were able to teach her part of lesson 1 and we gave her a Book of Mormon. The next time we went in, her husband was kinda weird to us which we're worried about... we're gonna go in soon again and see how they're doing. Hopefully they'll accept taking lessons from us cause they are the greatest!

On Saturday this week I'm going back to Urawa because my old investigator T is getting baptized!! Me and Kuwahara Shimai started lessons with her in July. She first felt the spirit when we were playing music with her in the Chapel. I'm so excited to go to her baptism. She's so so cute! I'll be sending pictures of that next week.

That's about all that happened this week. We are loving the work and having so so much fun! Its amazing how much fun we're having. I love the mission! I love you all! Hope you're all good and I will write again next week!

That is where we found the cockroach.
This picture does not do it justice. It was gross and huge.

This was shopping yesterday. You can find allll kinds of
sweet/ random stuff at every shop you go into.
I love it. ... I may or may not have bought those
glasses. and I'm definitely on the hunt for a good beret.

Everybody backs into parking spaces here. They're so good at it too.

September 23, 1013

This week was AWESOME! We (Amy & Bagley Shimai) got together on Thursday and we have been killing it ever since. We talked about our goals and plans for the transfer on Thursday and then on Friday we went out. We found five new investigators!!! We placed two Book of Mormons and we had SO much fun!! We were totally able to say everything we needed and I didn't even feel held back by the language. On Friday we walked by this little bagel shop a couple times and we always said "hi" to the workers inside cause they seemed cool and we wanted to be their friends. So later when we finished working we went to the bagel shop and they LOVED us! One of them pulled out his guitar and started playing "Hey Jude" cause we were talking about music so then all of us in this little tiny shop were singing "Hey Jude" and it was so fun! We're gonna go back there a lot so we can convert all of them, ha but the rest of the week was good! We had a few lessons and found some other new people. Just a lot of miracles! We can communicate with each other so its way good. We have been able to call people and text people and find investigators all in Japanese! We're doing it! Its amazing. I'm excited for this transfer. Our goal is to have a baptism this transfer so please pray for that! Fall is starting here and it's awesome!! The weather is cooling down and the leaves are falling :) Yesterday it was kinda dreary overcast and it made me miss Utah Fall! But it's still happening here so that's good. I'm happy we have all four seasons here and I'm also happy I'll get home just in time for Utah fall! I love you all and you're prayers have helped me so much! Thanks for the love! Have a good week!

Just another Jinja

Some sushi..... o_0