Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Hey Mom, it was kinda a boring week so I don't want to write a family email so I'm just writing you. So today I'm going to Harajuku to go shopping. Today and tomorrow we're going to the temple for a sisters conference. So all the sisters in the mission have a big meeting from 11-6:30. I'm so excited. But this transfer is over in a week! How crazy! It flew by. I really want to stay with Bagley Shimai, but change is always good too, maybe.... This week I went on splits to Takasaki and we were looking for this lady who didn't show up to her appointment and she's always at the library. So we were at the library and I was like "okay.. let's find the Bible and stick a Book of Mormon next to it!!" So we asked where the Bible was and it took them like 5 minutes to look it up and find it cause they never have been asked that most likely, and then we left a Book of Mormon with a flier with the church info on it. haha So funny. I hope its not illegal. But here's a picture. Anyways. I went to get my winter stuff out of my suit case this week and I had none... oops. I sent it all home so I have some good tights and a few sweaters and ear muffs and a hat. That's all.... so i need to buy some today. We're going to go to H&M! But that's about all this week. I love you all so much! Have a good week!

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