Monday, October 21, 2013

October 14, 2014

Hello hello!

This last week was crazy. We had a lot going on. I'll start on Monday. It was pday and I dyed my hair more red... ha but before that we were grocery shopping and this girl came in the store and was just staring at us in awe so I said "hello" and she just started talking to us with no shame. She was so excited to talk to us in her little English. After one minute of talking she pulls out her phone and asks for OUR number. Awesome! We set up an appointment and taught her on Saturday. She wasn't into the lesson at all and it was kinda rough... but for some reason she still wants to meet with us. Miracle! We'll find her needs and get her interested. She's this cute Chinese girl named K. We also met this guy named T. We went to visit our friend R (the one who helped us when we lost our bikes) at his English school and T was walking out. He was excited to use his English and R told him all about the Mormons and that we want to teach him. T was way down for it. We have an appointment with him this week. We're excited! Okay skip to Thursday. We had two zone conference and it took the entire day to travel to Kiryu, have the meeting, and travel back. 6 am-8 pm we were gone. but it was so awesome! President Budge is awesome!! We also heard the missionaries testimonies who are going home and that's my favorite part. Kuwahara Shimai is going home the end of this transfer... so sad. Saturday and Sunday we watched conference and we had lessons both days so things are moving along here in Kumagaya! It was busy week and we did a lot of sitting but we still saw miracles! On Tuesday though, Bagley Shimai did hit into a pole straight on. You know when people fake you out like they hit into a pole? It looked just like that but it was real and it was hilarious! I was crying I was laughing so hard. She got a nice goose egg. Good stuff. Conference was so awesome! Everyone who didn't watch it needs to! Such a good weekend of conference. We got to watch it in our apartment on our laptop. #spoiled  It was awesome. Well, we're having fun and things are moving here! Love you all so much! Have a good week!

愛してるよ!今週は本当に楽しかった!いつもあなたたちの祈りをかんじることができます!ありがとうございます!Love you!
Sister Davis

The whole group of us at Skytree.

More Skytree

Me and Bagley Shimai

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