Monday, October 21, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hello hello! This week was just another week in Kumagaya. We had a few lessons planned and all of them fell through. Kinda a bummer but we kept working through it! We found a few new investigators so thats good. The Baptism was awesome! T was so cute! I was sitting by her in the meeting before she was baptized and she started crying and was saying she was so nervous but I told her it was just the sprit so strong that her heart was beating. But after she was baptized she gave the sweetest testimony and she was like "all my sins are gone!!" LIke she was in awe. So cute. I'm sad I didn't get to teach her the last two months but I'm happy I got to go back for her Baptism. This week we just did a lot of housing. We ding on the door bell or the "ping-pong" and we talk to people through intercoms. They mostly say "kekko desu" which means "thanks, but no thanks". We're trying all kinds of ways to get people to listen to us like asking good questions or talking about America and stuff. It's fun but so far no one has let us in but we're gonna find someone soon! No one here believes in God or knows much about Christ so we're still trying to figure that out. When we ask people if they've ever thought about life after death or about God the majority of the time they say no. Weird right? They just are content but not so content with their lives just ending. But it's interesting to learn how to flow into how awesome our message is. We were actually able to teach these two 16 year old girls. We're still trying to find out if they're interested in church or just us. haha They are obsessed with gaijin(foreigners). We didn't get to watch conference yet. we will watch it next week at the church with all of our ward. They have to wait until they get the dvd with the Japanese translation. But I'm so looking forward to watching it! I cant believe its been one year since the announcement and I'm here in Japan actually serving a mission! Its crazy. I love it though. We see miracles everyday! So thank you all for your prayers, I love you all!  



Baptism! she was so cute!!

Us with our 16 year olds we taught. Those are giant Snowies. So good!

We bought awesome glasses and tried to dress all Japanese to match. We had too much fun that day.
But really, check out those glasses. haha

Shimai Bagley

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