Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 30, 2013

First off I'd like to shout out to Alex who turns 17 today!!! Crazy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUD!

This week was good. The weather here is perfect! Chilly at night and warm/cool in the day. I absolutely love it. They say it won't get really cold until end of November. Holler!

Okay, starting from last Monday.. I dyed my hair red, except it looks pretty much exactly the same. ha I've always wanted to go dark red so maybe one day I'll do it for real. It was red for about a day and then it faded.

On Tuesday we parked our bikes in an illegal place and when we came back they were gone.... kinda scary but luckily we met a guy who speaks English and he helped us find out where they were. It's was like 20 bucks to get them back and we had to wait until Saturday but it was fun walking everywhere for a few days...kinda. ha.

I don't remember which day this was but we had a bad cockroach mishap... It was in our bathroom and it was literally the size of my thumb. I have never been more scared or screamed more in my life than when me and Bagley Shimai were trying to kill this thing. Well let's be real, she was trying to kill it and I was standing on a chair as far away as I could but where I could still see. Every time it moved I was on the opposite side of the apartment in .2 seconds. haha It was the worst experience of my life. Luckily some Elder left his shoes here and Bagley Shimai killed it. The whole 40 minute struggle was quite terrifying... Cockroaches are my new #1 fear. Yes, more than spiders.

On Friday we met with a new investigator who had been friends with the Elders here for 5 years. He would never accept a lesson from them but he really wanted to meet with us and we said only if he had a lesson. So we did. He was way into it and he said yes to our baptismal commitment! So he has a date for Nov 7. Pray he makes it by that day! He asked if he could do it on that day because its his birthday. So we're gonna meet with him every week and pray he gets a testimony by then. He's about 40 and his name is N.

We also have been going into the Bagel shop a lot and making best friends with them. Last week we went in and it was just A. She and her husband own the place. We were able to teach her part of lesson 1 and we gave her a Book of Mormon. The next time we went in, her husband was kinda weird to us which we're worried about... we're gonna go in soon again and see how they're doing. Hopefully they'll accept taking lessons from us cause they are the greatest!

On Saturday this week I'm going back to Urawa because my old investigator T is getting baptized!! Me and Kuwahara Shimai started lessons with her in July. She first felt the spirit when we were playing music with her in the Chapel. I'm so excited to go to her baptism. She's so so cute! I'll be sending pictures of that next week.

That's about all that happened this week. We are loving the work and having so so much fun! Its amazing how much fun we're having. I love the mission! I love you all! Hope you're all good and I will write again next week!

That is where we found the cockroach.
This picture does not do it justice. It was gross and huge.

This was shopping yesterday. You can find allll kinds of
sweet/ random stuff at every shop you go into.
I love it. ... I may or may not have bought those
glasses. and I'm definitely on the hunt for a good beret.

Everybody backs into parking spaces here. They're so good at it too.

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