Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 27, 2014

I cant believe how fast these weeks are flying. This last week was kind of a bust. We had "K" drop us. She kinda has schizophrenia and has to be in the hospital from now on... kinda sad but its probably better for her to be there... So right now we have one solid investigator. "Kat". We tried to give her a baptismal date but she said its too big to chose right now. She said going from believing nothing to getting baptized is a big deal. but she said she wants to do good things and keep learning and she asked us what she had to do to be baptized and stuff so things are looking good with her. Other than that we are just doing a LOT of finding and not seeing much success.... We have a lot of potential investigators. We just need to get things rolling with them. People in Japan are just SO busy. But we`re trying and working hard so please pray we can find a new investigator! Sorry that's about all I got.. Its short but I love you all and pray for you all! Have a good week! Until next time! mataneeee!!!
Love, Ames

January 20, 2014

We got transfer calls and I'm staying here with Kohler shimai. I'm so glad. We have a new investigator "Kat". She is Chinese. She came to church and loved it and we taught the restoration and she almost cried and kept thanking us for teaching her. She is so cute. she said she would get baptized if she finds out its true. She said the closing prayer in Chinese and after she was like I just asked for one thing and that's to get an answer. So she's pretty legit. It snowed this week. but it melted by 11am. but its been reeeeally cold!

January 13, 2013

Hello everyone! This week was good! We have a new investigator with a baptismal date on February 9! She has tons of faith and desire and loves the ward so much. She's 60 and a little bit... interesting. ha she's awesome. We are still just doing a lot of finding. we have a lot of potential investigators and we are trying to make appointments with them but everyone here is so busy. "R" hasn't been able to meet with us since our last lesson so she isn't going to make her baptismal date but we`ll just keep working with her. but Pray that "K" gets baptized on Feb 9! We had temple day this week and that's why my email is late but it was awesome! I'm so glad we have a temple in our mission :) I also cut my bangs this week. All the Japanese girls have the cutest bangs so I had to do it. So for New Years they do this thing called mochi tsuki. They make mochi (rice ball things) and just eat with everything. ha We did it at church and it was so fun. I`ll send some pictures. I love you all! Have a good week!

Mochi tsuki!

Me pounding rice

Still pounding...
Some more from mochi tsuki
Temple day
Shibuya at night is sooo fun!
This is a cute girl in my ward. it was her 20th birthday so she wore a kimono.

Teaching English class



January 6, 2014

We found  two new investigators who we scheduled a lesson with last night. Two Chinese girls. There is an international university by us so there are  toooons of Chinese people. Actually most of the people we stop are Chinese. Kind of funny, but also way cool.

From our Christmas party

The Filipinos!!
We had a takoyaki party last night and a ton of Chinese girls came.
 It was fun and delicious!

Sister Richards with the Chinese girls. 

Our church building!


Indian curry is my new favorite food...for real!!

December 30, 2013

Hello everyone!! It was so good to see you on skype family!
This week was good! We had a lesson with this Filipino lady named "R" and we talked about the atonement and how Christ knows everything we go through and she started crying. Her marriage is kind of sad and I think she is kind of lonely but we were telling her about that and about baptism and true happiness and help through trials and she was just crying and we asked her to be baptized and she said yes! The spirit was way strong. Her baptismal date is Jan 26. She is soooo busy so I'm afraid we won't get to meet with her enough and move her date but pleeeease pray for her to be able to meet with us. At the end of the lesson she gave the closing prayer and half way through she started crying and she said she was way grateful to meet us and that she promised to get baptized. so... yeah it was pretty awesome. The spirit was really strong and I'm excited for her! Pray she will make that date!! Christmas was good. Christmas eve we just caroled with some members to inactive members for 6 hours.. ha it was way fun though. This ward is so awesome. Christmas we woke up to a million treats and presents from our ward! So awesome! Then we had a few meal appointments with members, we spent a lot of the day finding though. No better way to spent Christmas than serving Christ right? It was good. This week is New Years and that's way bigger than Christmas here so we have a few days where the mission asked us to deep clean our apartments and then another to have a Book of Mormon read-a-thon.. ha. So we won't be finding this week too much because its too hard to right now, but we`re still just looking for people to teach here in Togane. People are being flaky about follow up appointments so pray that we get to teach some lessons! Things are good! I love Togane! I love you all! Thanks for all your prayers and love!
Happy New Year!!!
Just doing some housing (tracting).

Christmas from the ward!!

Christmas dayyy on the trains of Togane

This is Sister Richards, one of the other shimai in our apartment.
She came in and surprised us in her Santa suit (she ripped the pants like 5 minutes after this)
She is hilarious.

Just an average day in Japan

Togane Church. Its huuuuge! So pretty

December 23, 2013

Its been a good week here in Togane! We have taught a few lessons to some member referrals because this ward is awesome! We also taught two cute Chinese girls. We are meeting with them again today to teach about the restoration. I'm excited they're way cute and wanted to know all about the church. So for Christmas I don't know what we`re doing yet.. but I know Christmas eve we`re going to go caroling for a few hours with some members. It should be fun but freezing. Its getting so cold! Things with training are going good. Sister Kohler is awesome! Her Japanese and teaching skills are like waaaayyy good so she's pretty much training me. Easier than I thought it would be. ha So yeah things are moving along. I love it here and love the mission! Sorry my emails are always short... but MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love you all! #happychristmasharry

December 16, 2013

Hello everyone! I am in Togane and loving it!! The ward is awesome! They have done soooo much for us and are so excited to have us in the ward. My new companion is Sister Kohler. She went to Timpview. Some of you may know her. Tosha Kohler. Pretty funny how that ended up happening. She is way cool and we get a long great though! Training hasn't been hard cause she's so awesome! So yeah the ward has set up a few lessons with us this week to meet their friends and it has been such a miracle. I've never been in a ward to ready to do missionary work! Its way nice! It makes the work a little easier. "T" got baptized on Saturday! Unfortunately, I didn't get to go because the ward here had a Christmas party... I was sad but at least he got baptized! Bagley Shimai said it all went really well. We're just working hard over here in Togane now and loving the cold weather... ha.  Sorry my emails are short.. but I love you all! Have a good week! Happy holidays! Love you!
Love, Amy

December 9, 2013

It's official that I am transferring. To Togane. And I will be training which is so scary! We're also going to be opening for sisters in that area just like I did in Kumagaya. So we're gonna have to do a lot of finding. I'm excited to try new things there and to be more in the city. It's a lot closer to Tokyo than Kumagaya. So, I go on Thursday to get my new missionary and it will all start! I'm excited! But its sad to leave everyone here in Kumagaya. "T" is for sure getting baptized on the 14! He passed is baptismal interview and I'm so happy! I will already be transferred but I'm going back for sure for the baptism. He's just so happy and he quit smoking and its all been amazing! Thanks for all your prayers for him and us. Other than that not too much is going on. . That's really about all I have this week... We did go to the temple though last week and that was awesome! I love going to the temple! Things are good! I love serving here in Nippon! #japanpride #imissamericanfood.. what? jokes. The food here is still good. okay, I'm out. love you all! Have a good week!
Love Sister Davis

December 2, 2013

We went to the temple today and it was awesome. I cant believe I'm half way done! I haven't even gotten into some of the stuff in my suitcase... maybe I brought too much. Oh well.. better safe than sorry. Well I don't have much time so that's about it. I have transfer calls next week and I'm excited to see what happens. Love you! Happy December!

Amy's District. Can you spot the Elder from Timpview?
Hint: "Hang Loose"

November 25, 2013

Love you all! Have a good week and Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for all of you!

We heart attacked "K" for her birthday :)

Two mission conference! Elder Evans came and it was way good!
 That's my Doki! (MTC district. Well some of them..)

"K" birthday dinner! Best Italian food I've eaten in Japan. Its not saying much though...


November 18, 2013

This week was good! We're still teaching "K" and "T" and helping them to be prepared for baptism soon! We're excited and hope they make it. Our fasting day got changed to the 23rd but that is a Saturday so those who want to fast on the 24th that's okay. It all goes to the same cause right? This week we went with our eikaiwa (English) students to Chichibu. It was awesome! It's up in the mountains and the trees are all fall colors and it is way pretty! It was fun! I'm sending pictures from it. Bagley Shimai and I also sang in church yesterday......it was an absolute train wreck... haha. Seriously I've never been more embarrassed in my life. ha We decided to do "There is a Green Hill Far Away" acapella but when we got up there we started on the wrong note and then I could not do the right harmony for the life of me so I'm trying so hard but really I was just way off key. Then Bagley Shimai is SO nervous she starts like laughing/choking up/ I don't even know so I'm singing by myself and I start getting super nervous. So three verses in we switch to Japanese and I start singing on the wrong page in the hymn book.... so I stop and start over again. Finally Bagley Shimai comes back in and we had the very last verse together on the melody and that was the only part that was okay, but at that point there was absolutely no going back. haha I can't even explain how bad it was. I'm just glad only one investigator came to church this Sunday. They would've definitely dropped us if they were there... haha It's funny now though. Good experience. ha Other than that everything is going great! Still just working hard. Tomorrow we are going to a 2 mission conference with the Tokyo South Mission and I get to see my MTC district! I'm so excited!! We also have a Christmas conference slash party. It'll be a fun day! I'm looking forward to it. I miss and love you all! Have a good week!
Love, Davis Shimai
In Chichibu with "K"!

This is my life. I promise those people are very happy. They just never smile in pictures....


We found this cool bridge and river so we took some pictures by it.

November 11, 2013

Hello! This week was good. "T" and "K" are progressing so fast and it's a miracle! This week we taught "T" the Word of Wisdom and he went two days without smoking! I'm not quite sure how much he is smoking now but I know he's trying so so hard. He used to have to smoke every 3 hours! Its amazing. So if you could pray for him. and "K" totally wants to follow God and I think she doesn't even know why. She's just the best! I can see them both changing so much and it's awesome!  We have a lesson with both of them today and I'm excited. yeah, other than that its just a normal伝道 life out here in Japan. Its awesome! Sorry it is short. Love you all! Have a good week!
Excerpt from Amy's letter to me (her mom): Good news! Our ward mission leader just got back from America and he brought us 7 packs of macaroni!!! He's the best. He also brought Twix and some yummy potato cheese bacon something. We're looking forward to it.  In your package you sent me instructions on how to make my own mac &cheese. We'll have to try it when we run out of these. We actually already ate three in two days... wha? Tell Grandma hi! I keep wanting to write her I just never have time!
I was sick this week so I did what any other Japanese person would do. Wear a mask.

Dinner with "K" and a member "Y". We went to a yummy Indian restaurant.

Chillin at our favorite Bagel Shop. We had a good break through with them again this week. We love them!

November 4, 2013

I'm staying in Kumagaya with Bagley Shimai! We are so happy! We're having a lot of fun and working hard! We actually had a crazy experience the other day. We ate at this restaurant one night and all these fire trucks drove by and it was kind of whatever.. but then when we walked out of the restaurant all of the fire trucks where right outside. We looked around for an accident but didnt see anything. So we look over at the crowd of people and theyre all looking up. We look up and there is a man on the ledge of a six story parking garage!! It was unreal! There were two firemen trying to pull him up over the railing and he was not budging. They had a big blow up thing under him so that's good. There was one point when his feet where dangling and the two firemen were holding him up! One of his shoes fell and that was scary. Finally, one of the firemen harnessed up and climbed over and picked him up and over the railing. I started clapping and i guess no one thought that was appropriate cause they didn't join in. ha But it was like watching a movie! It didnt seem real. But yeah, Japan is one of the highest suicide places in the world! They work and study SO hard and they dont believe in God. Talk about stress. There is at least one person a day who jumps in front of a train in the whole Tokyo area. Well that's what a member told me.. way sad. Thats why there are so many missionaries here now! Its time for Asia to have the gospel! I love serving here! My Japanese is getting better but I still can't say much. We have two investigators with Baptismal dates. "T" and "K". So if you could pray for them to make their baptismal dates that would be awesome! I love you all! Have a good week!

 Love, デイビス姉妹

The Jumper on the building. You can't see very well but he is in all black.

We found this house with tons of mini trees! Its so cute.

Trying to convert all them shorties out there.

Playin' at the park. This one is mostly a shout out for Watanabe Shimai.

October 28, 2013

Hello hello! This week was awesome! We had temple day on Tuesday as well as a Sister's conference with all the sisters in the mission. It was way fun! But this weekend was the best part! We had a Halloween party on Saturday at our church and we invited SO many people! But it was a typhoon on Saturday morning so we prayed way hard that it would pass before the party so people would come. We had 17 non-members there!! It was so fun! We got in a lesson with this former investigator we had never met. She is taking lessons now again! And then at the party, we got asked to speak in church... for the next day. We had two hours to write and translate these talks. I did it. That was definitely a miracle.
So we advertised our speaking in church to al the non-members at the party. We had 6 PEOPLE at church! We have had one person at church twice this transfer. It was such a miracle! The bagel shop people came to church! She brought her husband and her two kids! So awesome!! A whole family! We are gonna try and teach them. But we got our investigator "K" to come to church and she stayed all three hours and even stayed for the baptismal service after church (Oizumi area uses our baptismal font because they don't have one) but we were able to teach her a lesson after that about baptism and she committed to baptism! She can meet with us every week so it's looking good so far. Our last baptismal date guy has been way too flakey so that's not happening. But we're excited for her! Pray that she'll make it to her baptismal date please!
We met this guy named "T" out in the pouring rain the other night. He is half I
talian and like 65 years old. He is Christian which is kinda rare here and he came to church and was loving it so much. He stayed all three hours and for the baptism too. We have a lesson with him on Tuesday and we're gonna invite him to be baptized too. It was a miraculous two days! Except today we get our transfer calls and I'm so scared I'm gonna have to leave here right as things are picking up. Sad. We'll see.

To everyone who doesn't know (which is everyone but mom and dad) we are doing a special fast as a mission. There are 40 areas and our goal is to have every area to have a baptism before Christmas. Every baptism gets a present under the "baptism" Christmas tree and every person gets a picture ornament on the tree. They are our present to Christ for Christmas! It just started last week and there are already 6 presents under the tree! Our area's day to fast is November 24, so if anyone wants to join our fast to help see baptisms in our area and in the mission, that would be awesome!! That might change though depending on if I transfer... so I will update you all. Okay, I love you all! Thanks for your prayers and love! Have a good week!

Me and Bagley Shimai at the temple
Tokyo Temple at night.
At District meeting. You can figure it out... ha
My camera is behind another camera reflecting off of it. I was stoked that it worked like that.

My MTC district Shimai and the sisters conference!
This is from Halloween. That is the Bagel shop owner and her kids.
Our eikaiwa (English) student is wrapped like a mummy and then "K" is in the yellow shirt.
Bagley Shimai and I are the white ones. ha I was a mime/French person/artist. I got all kinds of things...  ha

This is a mall food court in Harajuku... pink.
And those girls are wearing your average school uniform. They all wear those.