Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 27, 2014

I cant believe how fast these weeks are flying. This last week was kind of a bust. We had "K" drop us. She kinda has schizophrenia and has to be in the hospital from now on... kinda sad but its probably better for her to be there... So right now we have one solid investigator. "Kat". We tried to give her a baptismal date but she said its too big to chose right now. She said going from believing nothing to getting baptized is a big deal. but she said she wants to do good things and keep learning and she asked us what she had to do to be baptized and stuff so things are looking good with her. Other than that we are just doing a LOT of finding and not seeing much success.... We have a lot of potential investigators. We just need to get things rolling with them. People in Japan are just SO busy. But we`re trying and working hard so please pray we can find a new investigator! Sorry that's about all I got.. Its short but I love you all and pray for you all! Have a good week! Until next time! mataneeee!!!
Love, Ames

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