Tuesday, January 28, 2014

November 11, 2013

Hello! This week was good. "T" and "K" are progressing so fast and it's a miracle! This week we taught "T" the Word of Wisdom and he went two days without smoking! I'm not quite sure how much he is smoking now but I know he's trying so so hard. He used to have to smoke every 3 hours! Its amazing. So if you could pray for him. and "K" totally wants to follow God and I think she doesn't even know why. She's just the best! I can see them both changing so much and it's awesome!  We have a lesson with both of them today and I'm excited. yeah, other than that its just a normal伝道 life out here in Japan. Its awesome! Sorry it is short. Love you all! Have a good week!
Excerpt from Amy's letter to me (her mom): Good news! Our ward mission leader just got back from America and he brought us 7 packs of macaroni!!! He's the best. He also brought Twix and some yummy potato cheese bacon something. We're looking forward to it.  In your package you sent me instructions on how to make my own mac &cheese. We'll have to try it when we run out of these. We actually already ate three in two days... wha? Tell Grandma hi! I keep wanting to write her I just never have time!
I was sick this week so I did what any other Japanese person would do. Wear a mask.

Dinner with "K" and a member "Y". We went to a yummy Indian restaurant.

Chillin at our favorite Bagel Shop. We had a good break through with them again this week. We love them!

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