Tuesday, January 28, 2014

November 18, 2013

This week was good! We're still teaching "K" and "T" and helping them to be prepared for baptism soon! We're excited and hope they make it. Our fasting day got changed to the 23rd but that is a Saturday so those who want to fast on the 24th that's okay. It all goes to the same cause right? This week we went with our eikaiwa (English) students to Chichibu. It was awesome! It's up in the mountains and the trees are all fall colors and it is way pretty! It was fun! I'm sending pictures from it. Bagley Shimai and I also sang in church yesterday......it was an absolute train wreck... haha. Seriously I've never been more embarrassed in my life. ha We decided to do "There is a Green Hill Far Away" acapella but when we got up there we started on the wrong note and then I could not do the right harmony for the life of me so I'm trying so hard but really I was just way off key. Then Bagley Shimai is SO nervous she starts like laughing/choking up/ I don't even know so I'm singing by myself and I start getting super nervous. So three verses in we switch to Japanese and I start singing on the wrong page in the hymn book.... so I stop and start over again. Finally Bagley Shimai comes back in and we had the very last verse together on the melody and that was the only part that was okay, but at that point there was absolutely no going back. haha I can't even explain how bad it was. I'm just glad only one investigator came to church this Sunday. They would've definitely dropped us if they were there... haha It's funny now though. Good experience. ha Other than that everything is going great! Still just working hard. Tomorrow we are going to a 2 mission conference with the Tokyo South Mission and I get to see my MTC district! I'm so excited!! We also have a Christmas conference slash party. It'll be a fun day! I'm looking forward to it. I miss and love you all! Have a good week!
Love, Davis Shimai
In Chichibu with "K"!

This is my life. I promise those people are very happy. They just never smile in pictures....


We found this cool bridge and river so we took some pictures by it.

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