Tuesday, January 28, 2014

November 4, 2013

I'm staying in Kumagaya with Bagley Shimai! We are so happy! We're having a lot of fun and working hard! We actually had a crazy experience the other day. We ate at this restaurant one night and all these fire trucks drove by and it was kind of whatever.. but then when we walked out of the restaurant all of the fire trucks where right outside. We looked around for an accident but didnt see anything. So we look over at the crowd of people and theyre all looking up. We look up and there is a man on the ledge of a six story parking garage!! It was unreal! There were two firemen trying to pull him up over the railing and he was not budging. They had a big blow up thing under him so that's good. There was one point when his feet where dangling and the two firemen were holding him up! One of his shoes fell and that was scary. Finally, one of the firemen harnessed up and climbed over and picked him up and over the railing. I started clapping and i guess no one thought that was appropriate cause they didn't join in. ha But it was like watching a movie! It didnt seem real. But yeah, Japan is one of the highest suicide places in the world! They work and study SO hard and they dont believe in God. Talk about stress. There is at least one person a day who jumps in front of a train in the whole Tokyo area. Well that's what a member told me.. way sad. Thats why there are so many missionaries here now! Its time for Asia to have the gospel! I love serving here! My Japanese is getting better but I still can't say much. We have two investigators with Baptismal dates. "T" and "K". So if you could pray for them to make their baptismal dates that would be awesome! I love you all! Have a good week!

 Love, デイビス姉妹

The Jumper on the building. You can't see very well but he is in all black.

We found this house with tons of mini trees! Its so cute.

Trying to convert all them shorties out there.

Playin' at the park. This one is mostly a shout out for Watanabe Shimai.

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