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October 28, 2013

Hello hello! This week was awesome! We had temple day on Tuesday as well as a Sister's conference with all the sisters in the mission. It was way fun! But this weekend was the best part! We had a Halloween party on Saturday at our church and we invited SO many people! But it was a typhoon on Saturday morning so we prayed way hard that it would pass before the party so people would come. We had 17 non-members there!! It was so fun! We got in a lesson with this former investigator we had never met. She is taking lessons now again! And then at the party, we got asked to speak in church... for the next day. We had two hours to write and translate these talks. I did it. That was definitely a miracle.
So we advertised our speaking in church to al the non-members at the party. We had 6 PEOPLE at church! We have had one person at church twice this transfer. It was such a miracle! The bagel shop people came to church! She brought her husband and her two kids! So awesome!! A whole family! We are gonna try and teach them. But we got our investigator "K" to come to church and she stayed all three hours and even stayed for the baptismal service after church (Oizumi area uses our baptismal font because they don't have one) but we were able to teach her a lesson after that about baptism and she committed to baptism! She can meet with us every week so it's looking good so far. Our last baptismal date guy has been way too flakey so that's not happening. But we're excited for her! Pray that she'll make it to her baptismal date please!
We met this guy named "T" out in the pouring rain the other night. He is half I
talian and like 65 years old. He is Christian which is kinda rare here and he came to church and was loving it so much. He stayed all three hours and for the baptism too. We have a lesson with him on Tuesday and we're gonna invite him to be baptized too. It was a miraculous two days! Except today we get our transfer calls and I'm so scared I'm gonna have to leave here right as things are picking up. Sad. We'll see.

To everyone who doesn't know (which is everyone but mom and dad) we are doing a special fast as a mission. There are 40 areas and our goal is to have every area to have a baptism before Christmas. Every baptism gets a present under the "baptism" Christmas tree and every person gets a picture ornament on the tree. They are our present to Christ for Christmas! It just started last week and there are already 6 presents under the tree! Our area's day to fast is November 24, so if anyone wants to join our fast to help see baptisms in our area and in the mission, that would be awesome!! That might change though depending on if I transfer... so I will update you all. Okay, I love you all! Thanks for your prayers and love! Have a good week!

Me and Bagley Shimai at the temple
Tokyo Temple at night.
At District meeting. You can figure it out... ha
My camera is behind another camera reflecting off of it. I was stoked that it worked like that.

My MTC district Shimai and the sisters conference!
This is from Halloween. That is the Bagel shop owner and her kids.
Our eikaiwa (English) student is wrapped like a mummy and then "K" is in the yellow shirt.
Bagley Shimai and I are the white ones. ha I was a mime/French person/artist. I got all kinds of things...  ha

This is a mall food court in Harajuku... pink.
And those girls are wearing your average school uniform. They all wear those.

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