Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 24, 2014

Konnichi wa! How's everyone doinnn?? Sorry it's been awhile. It's hard
to type on my iPad so I don't like writing long emails... But today we
went to the temple and I have awhile on the train so I'm gonna write!
This week we did tons and tons of housing. No luck.. But R** is
progressing and so is T** and her daughter M**. Oh we did find this
Chinese guy, K**. He is fluent in English so we chatted a little and
then he came to eikaiwa and we handed him off to the elders. We were
bummed cause he's totally kinjin (golden). The Elders set a
baptismal date with him for next month. Way cool. He keeps telling the
Elders that God led me and Sister Kohler to him. 金人。Temple day was
awesome. I love the temple! I wish we got to go more but I'm already so
lucky that I even get to go on my mission so I probably can't
complain. I'm just happy we have one in Provo so I can go whenever I
want when I get home! Today Kuwahara Shimai (my trainer) showed up at
the temple. Haha she's such a spaz. I love her! Transfer calls are next
week. Crazy. This transfer flew! Are they going faster and faster for
you too? I'm starting transfer 8 next week. Only 4 more to go. 2/3
left. Weird. 早いすぎる! So yeah... That's about all I got. I'll send some
pictures too.

Love you all!
Kuwahara Shimai

This wall was too cute!!

February 17, 2014

Things here are good. The weather is totally the worst, it's like sleeting rain. Well it's sunny today luckily but all last week it was way rough. We haven't found anyone recently so just finding. We have one investigator with a baptismal date. Her name is Risa. But it sounds like Lisa when you say in Japanese. She's 17 and lives with her boyfriend and dropped out of high school. But she is the cutest thing and she loves us so much. We are teaching her today. I'm excited. We have iPads now. They're nice for studying and stuff. Apparently we are going to be using Facebook pretty soon. Weird!!

February 3, 2014

Hello! This week was good! K** is doing awesome. She totally wants to get baptized but she's a little nervous she won't be ready. We will keep working with her so that she will be! Her baptismal date is Feb 22. She can do it! She's the cutest. We asked her if she has felt the spirit and she told us this story how she didn't know if she should move back to China and be with her mom so she prayed and read the Book of Mormon and she had a feeling she should be with her mom. She was so excited that she had that experience! She's totally awesome. We just need her to be baptized before she goes back to China..! She`ll make it. Other than that, we are just finding. We have an appointment with a family this week and are praying it goes well. They are way cool. They surf, even in the winter. We love them. Okay, well that's about it.

Does this kid not look like Alex? The first time I saw him and every time still, 
I think it's Alex for a second. It weirds me out.

This is the cutest little girl ever in our ward. Love her.
Basically I live for Costco.

Costco baby!!