Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 24, 2014

Konnichi wa! How's everyone doinnn?? Sorry it's been awhile. It's hard
to type on my iPad so I don't like writing long emails... But today we
went to the temple and I have awhile on the train so I'm gonna write!
This week we did tons and tons of housing. No luck.. But R** is
progressing and so is T** and her daughter M**. Oh we did find this
Chinese guy, K**. He is fluent in English so we chatted a little and
then he came to eikaiwa and we handed him off to the elders. We were
bummed cause he's totally kinjin (golden). The Elders set a
baptismal date with him for next month. Way cool. He keeps telling the
Elders that God led me and Sister Kohler to him. 金人。Temple day was
awesome. I love the temple! I wish we got to go more but I'm already so
lucky that I even get to go on my mission so I probably can't
complain. I'm just happy we have one in Provo so I can go whenever I
want when I get home! Today Kuwahara Shimai (my trainer) showed up at
the temple. Haha she's such a spaz. I love her! Transfer calls are next
week. Crazy. This transfer flew! Are they going faster and faster for
you too? I'm starting transfer 8 next week. Only 4 more to go. 2/3
left. Weird. 早いすぎる! So yeah... That's about all I got. I'll send some
pictures too.

Love you all!
Kuwahara Shimai

This wall was too cute!!

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