Monday, March 31, 2014

March 17, 2014

So my new comp is from Washington and her name is Kelley Shimai. She is way cool and sweet. She is on transfer 5 and I am on 8.  So the area is nice. It's pretty new and big and there are lots of people out and about. There's a huge university and everything is really pretty. There's also a huuuuge mall and I'm definitely going shopping after this. And I'm also getting a haircut for the first time since I left on my mission. Oops. We have a few investigators and it's been way fun teaching them. There is one family the K***. They are so cool. They travel to India and Thailand to do yoga and see the world and I want to be them. Ha the dad has long hair and he's kinda a hippie but we taught them the restoration yesterday and they were way into it. I love Tsukuba! Things are good! Here's some pictures!

K's Baptism

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