Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 7, 2014

We got transfer calls today! I'm staying here with the same companion. 6 more weeks! Last transfer! Crazy! Sorry I really hate sending family emails so I'm just gonna send some pictures and you can out them on my blog. Ha things are good here nothing huge happened this week but I'm excited to stay here one more transfer. This area Is just blossoming. Anywho, my companion is a photographer so she took some pictures. Here they are....
Okay, love you!

Candid photo of me planning..

June 30, 2014

No emails this week. It's alright. This week we had a baptism in our ward. Giovanni. He's from Italy and he's awesome. When he got confirmed his friend came who lives in Tokyo who is also from Italy and he's a member. Giovanni told his friend that I speak Italian so he walks right up to me and goes off in Italian and luckily I picked up "papa" and "Italia" and "mission" I said "Si si". He then asked where which somehow I just knew.... ? So I said Milano. Ha he looooved me! Church was fun with the Italians. He asked for dad's email and he will probably email him. Hope that's chill. He's such a spaz and kept getting wayyyy too close. Too funny. and I forgot his name... But I totally want to go to Italy so let's go for the temple dedication :) 
The Italians

This is Orlando Jordan. Day Shimai and I found him in Tsukuba.
He got baptized this week!

June 23, 2014

First off, we saw a huge Facebook miracle! I added our investigator T*** who is super interested but is having faith problems. She told us how she first met Mormons on a ferry on vacation and they were two Americans who had served missions. Soon after, she met the missionaries here in Kamagaya. So I add her on Facebook and we have one mutual friend. ....LUKE SALISBURY!!(Aya's cousin) He was the one Mormon she met!!! Crazy right?!  Also we have A**** who is planning on July 19 to get baptized! Pray for her! So yeah, Kamagaya is good! This transfer is more than half done and it's crazy...! But I love this area! I love you all!

P.S. I ate all that sushi in the picture. I almost died.... And those are bean Popsicles...


June 16, 2014

Hello everyone! Life is good here in Kamagaya! We have one kinjin (investigator). Her name is A****. She is getting baptized in July! She still needs her mom's permission so please pray for her! She has so much faith and wants to get baptized! We have some good potentials too. Last week it rained a TON! For real. Poured for days. Luckily the last couple days have been nice. But it's getting pretty hot. We also got Facebook last week! Crazy. I'm in the process still of cleaning up my Facebook before I can use it. The rules are super strict. But once I get it all ready I'm going to start posting and using Facebook to work! It's been pretty effective for the missionaries who already have it. There are only two international missions that have iPads or Facebook and it's Tokyo South and Tokyo mission. We are super lucky! Anywho, things are good! I love being here seeing God's hand in the work everyday!

Here are some photos from saying bye to people in Tsukuba...


June 9, 2014

Mom, can you get Donny to write a note to a lady in my ward? She legit got baptized because he is a Mormon. And she's still obsessed with him and is a strong member. She has photos all over her house of him. So funny. Anywho nothing really is happening. Love the new ward and my new comp is cool! It's rainy season and I've been soaked for days so I don't have pictures... But love you!

This is my Bishop...

June 2, 2014

Hey!! It's transfer time again....

I am transferring to Kamagaya. Yes I served in Kumagaya and now I am going to Kamagaya...... Yappari..... I am going with Requilman Shimai. She is from Hawaii and I know her so I think it'll be good!  I'm sad to leave Tsukuba! I love these people sooo much! I've been asking President Budge to send me to Tokyo area but I'm pretty sure I'll spend the rest of my mission in Kamagaya. It's okay, we have a week in Tokyo when you come to pick me up! My birthday was good! We had Mexican food and eikaiwa (English lessons). At eikaiwa the Davis family made me cookies and everyone sang. It was good!

Today we went to the Ushiku Daibutsu. It's a huuuuge Buddha. There will be lots of pictures. It was way cool and way out in the middle of nowhere. Sorry I never have much to say I just don't really like writing so I'm gonna wrap it up. Things are awesome and I'm way scared that I only have two more transfers but I'm loving the work! We get Facebook at the end of the month. Anyway...Love you all!

Love, デイビス姉妹

This is where I crashed my bike
Ward YSA Barbeque

Mizuki Chan!
Mission Life
Japan Life
Ushiku Daibutsu
And Again...
Girls here love us!

Turning 21!


May 26, 2014

Hello everyone!

This week was good! We had Elder Cook and Elder Maynes come and speak to us and the South mission. It was awesome! It's Awesome to hear from apostles. It also makes me feel better about myself. I think on the mission people are kinda hard on them selves but I'm always reminded
by the apostles just to love people and invite people. That's success.

I guess I'll get right to the big news of the week. After the conference on Saturday we had an appointment about an hour bike ride away. We went. No one was home. We were a little bummed but also knew it was kind of expected from this person. So we ride back to Tsukuba for our next appointment. In japan there are these poles on the sidewalk so that cars and scooters don't go on the sidewalks. Well I was riding down a hill and saw someone who I thought was an investigator crossing on the other side of the street. I look forward once confirming it wasn't her, and I noticed the pole and that it was too late to move. I screamed and ran right into it flying over the handlebars. I caught myself with my face so... Yeah things are great here in Tsukuba! Ha my eye swelled up so big that night and I've never had a worse headache or pain in my head. My companion was way worried
I got a concussion and so we talked to the mission doctor and stuff and he said I should check it out at the hospital. We went at like 10 on Saturday night cause my nose kept bleeding and my head was still so bad. They didn't do anything... but they prescribed Tylenol for me. It's not over the counter here. Rough. So all Sunday I lied in bed with a throbbing head ache and achy body from the crash. Hopefully I start feeling better soon cause I gotta dendo! It was pretty funny and kinda scary. Ha but I'm fine! Luckily somehow there are no scratches on my face. Just bruised. Looks like I have a black eye.

Anyways, love you all! I'm doing good! Have a good week!

Love, Sister Davis
Oops...I did it again