Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 16, 2014

Hello everyone! Life is good here in Kamagaya! We have one kinjin (investigator). Her name is A****. She is getting baptized in July! She still needs her mom's permission so please pray for her! She has so much faith and wants to get baptized! We have some good potentials too. Last week it rained a TON! For real. Poured for days. Luckily the last couple days have been nice. But it's getting pretty hot. We also got Facebook last week! Crazy. I'm in the process still of cleaning up my Facebook before I can use it. The rules are super strict. But once I get it all ready I'm going to start posting and using Facebook to work! It's been pretty effective for the missionaries who already have it. There are only two international missions that have iPads or Facebook and it's Tokyo South and Tokyo mission. We are super lucky! Anywho, things are good! I love being here seeing God's hand in the work everyday!

Here are some photos from saying bye to people in Tsukuba...


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