Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 30, 2014

No emails this week. It's alright. This week we had a baptism in our ward. Giovanni. He's from Italy and he's awesome. When he got confirmed his friend came who lives in Tokyo who is also from Italy and he's a member. Giovanni told his friend that I speak Italian so he walks right up to me and goes off in Italian and luckily I picked up "papa" and "Italia" and "mission" I said "Si si". He then asked where which somehow I just knew.... ? So I said Milano. Ha he looooved me! Church was fun with the Italians. He asked for dad's email and he will probably email him. Hope that's chill. He's such a spaz and kept getting wayyyy too close. Too funny. and I forgot his name... But I totally want to go to Italy so let's go for the temple dedication :) 
The Italians

This is Orlando Jordan. Day Shimai and I found him in Tsukuba.
He got baptized this week!

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